Features of connecting a cooker hood to the mains

In this article we will not talk about how to install a hood and connect ventilation. The question that we will touch upon is the connection of kitchen appliances to the power grid. Sometimes it is not possible to connect the cord to a power outlet to turn on the device, as she is either busy or far away. Next, we will tell you how to connect the hood in the kitchen to electricity in several ways.

Cable connection

As a rule, the power of a kitchen hood does not exceed 500 W, so if there is no outlet nearby, it is best to connect with a cable. It is quite simple to do this - install a new outlet near the device and remove jumpers from the nearest one, as shown in the diagram:

Cable connection

For a loop, you can use a copper wire with a cross section of 1.5 mm2. If you do not want to ditch the walls for laying the cable yourself, we recommend conduct open wiring in the cable channel. Today, there are neat cable boxes that will not spoil the interior of the kitchen and at the same time help solve the problem.

For residents of old apartments, there is an easier way to route the cable from one outlet to another, while not significantly violating the wall decoration. You can familiarize yourself with this method by watching two illustrative example videos below:

The idea of ​​connecting a built-in cooker hood

How to stretch a cable in a partition

We draw your attention to the fact that no powerful devices can be connected to the socket connected by a loop, only the hood itself. Otherwise may occur overload, and if the line is not protected by a circuit breaker, the socket housing may melt, resulting in short circuit. Be extremely careful if you decide to connect the hood to electricity in this way.

Socket replacement

The second idea that will solve the problem is replacing a single outlet with a double. If you cannot connect the hood in the kitchen just because the nearest connection point is always busy, we recommend changing it to double, as shown in the photo below. This connection method will be a compromise, but keep in mind that electrical wiring in the kitchen must be designed for a new load (instead of one electrical appliance, two will already be connected to one point).

Mains option

Holding a new line

Well, the most reliable way is to independently connect the hood in the kitchen to electricity from the junction box. Of course, it should be considered only if you are doing repairs in the house and have already thought about connecting a cooker hood. All you need is to draw a line from the intermediate box and draw it to the place where you are going to position the outlet. Here I would like to give a recommendation - it is best to place it above the hood (as shown in the diagram below) so that the grease does not contaminate the body of the connection point.

Wiring diagram in the kitchen

That’s the whole connection instruction.As you can see, there are several alternative ways to solve the problem, and one of the ones provided should definitely work. If you have questions and you still don’t know how to connect the hood in the kitchen to electricity, we recommend that you describe your situation in the comments!

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