What are the light switches?

Before wiring installation it is necessary to choose all the components correctly. Now we will consider the main types of light switches for use in an apartment and a house. After reading the information, we recommend that you read the no less useful article: how to connect the switch to the network.

Product Classification

Today it is customary to classify products according to the following criteria:

  • type of instalation;
  • method of fastening wires;
  • management method.

Let us consider in more detail what kind of light switches are.

type of instalation

By the type of installation, devices are divided into hidden and external. The first option is used when laying wires inside the walls (installation of hidden electrical wiring) The second option is used if the line is conducted in an open way (in a bathhouse, wooden house, garage).

The advantage of hidden switches is a more attractive appearance. Outdoor is much more convenient to maintain and repair.

Way of fastening wires

According to the method of attaching the cores, the products can have a design that allows the conductors to be fixed using special screws or screwless.

In the first case, a special clamping plate is used, which reliably fixes the cores in the inlet. The disadvantage of this type of fastening is that over time the screw can loosen and it will need to be tightened. A screw connection is used if the wires are aluminum. For copper conductors, a screwless clamp mechanism is recommended.

Control method

So we come to the most basic variety of light switches.

According to this classification, mechanisms are divided into the following types:

  • keyboards;
  • push-button;
  • Dimmers
  • rotary;
  • rope
  • sensory;
  • acoustic (they are also called cotton or sound);
  • remote;
  • walk-through;
  • cross.

Rocker switches are a classic of the genre. This type is the leader in the market of electrical products and is most often used to connect fixtures. The principle of operation is quite simple - the circuit closes when the rocker button is pressed. Typically, the housing is mounted in such a way that in an unused position, the key takes up position. There are one-, two- and three-key models.

Two control keys

The advantage of this type:

  • low price;
  • convenient use;
  • easy repair, installation and replacement.

There are no special drawbacks, but in comparison with modern models, the following can be distinguished:

  • not such a long resource of work;
  • there is no way to adjust the light intensity;
  • do not have energy-saving properties.

Button products also appeared long ago in the market of electrical appliances.They are a little more expensive than the classic look of light switches, but at the same time do not have special advantages. The only thing that can be noted is that the buttons more original fit into the interior of the room. There are models with a different number of buttons, with an LED indicator and additional decorative trim, so you can choose a product for any interior.

Lighting control with a button

Dimmers are a relatively modern kind of lighting switch. The principle of their work is that it is necessary to turn the wheel to adjust the light intensity. This feature makes them unique and in demand, because the lighting range can be adjusted from 0% to 100%.

Modern dimmer


  • allow save energy;
  • convenient to use (for example, if someone is sleeping in the room, you can make the lighting dim, while you don’t wake the person and you can do your own thing);
  • with additional automation, dimmers (microcontroller) can simulate the presence of a person, as well as turn off when there are no people in the room.

Disadvantage is higher price and work problems when connecting the product to LED lamp.

Rotary electric switches are used to create an interior in a retro style. This type of product can also be seen with installation of electrical wiring in the bath. They have a simple design and low price. The disadvantage is the lack of functionality compared to modern species.

Swivel design

Products of the rope type, like the previous version, are often used exclusively for decorative purposes. We can also note the fact that a rope switch is more convenient than a keyboard switch, because the rope is easier to find in the dark, and if the device is set too high, the child will be able to turn on the light on his own. Most often, this type of device is used for connect sconcesas in the photo.

Light control with a rope

Innovation in the world of electrical appliances - touch switches. This view has the highest resource of work and besides, the sensor is more convenient to use. Touch models are used to create a Smart Home, as well as in modern apartments. Most touch models have additional functions, for example, self-shutdown. An important advantage of the variety is the lack of short circuit, which undoubtedly makes them the safest for home wiring.

Sensor Usage

Acoustic switches are convenient in that they can operate from ordinary clap hands. By such a feature, they won the hearts of many people, because there is no longer any need to feel electrical accessories in the dark. The disadvantage of the acoustic model is the frequent cases of failure the first time, but such reviews can only be heard from buyers of cheap products.

The remote model also belongs to the group of modern objects. In order to turn on the light in the room, you just need to press the appropriate key on the remote control. Convenient and at the same time safe (considering the night search button). Among the disadvantages of this type of switch is the increased price and the fact that the remote control in the classics of the genre likes to get lost in the room, and sometimes the night search for the remote takes more time than finding a conventional keyboard product. It should also be noted that products on the remote control can have many modern functions: imitation of presence, automatic shutdown, etc.

Remote control for light control

Separately, I would like to mention two more types of products - sealed and continuous. The first option is a unit with a more complex design, which prevents dust and moisture from entering the body. They are most often used for installation of electrical wiring in the garageon the street and in the bathhouse. Walk-through switches are used in large rooms where there is a need to control lighting from various points.At first glance, such products do not differ from ordinary ones, but if you get inside the mechanism will be completely different. Pass and cross models are used most often in long corridors and on stairs, because Using the walk-through model, you can control the lighting from different points. About, how does the light switch go through, we told in a separate article.

So we have provided the main types of light switches for home and apartment. We hope that this information has become useful and new for you.

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