Original Gift Ideas for Electricians

Today we will consider a question that is slightly different from the main direction of the site, but still closely related to it. We will continue to talk about original gifts for electricians and power engineers. If you don’t know how to congratulate a colleague, friend or husband who has devoted his life to electrical work, now we will consider some interesting ideas. As a rule, gifts for electrical personnel are chosen for a birthday, New Year, February 23, and, of course, a professional holiday - the day of the power engineer. So, you do not know what to give a cool electrician? Get inspired by the ideas below!


If you want to give a cool birthday present, we advise you to pay attention to the following options:

  1. Book of electrical installation rules with a flask inside.Flask book
  2. A mug with a thematic inscription (you can give it to a colleague or friend).Cool mug
  3. Wineglass set.Glasses for electricians photo
  4. T-shirt.T-shirt with the inscription
  5. Cake to order.Fancy 50th Anniversary Cake
  6. A flash drive in the form of a light bulb.Flash drive
  7. Homemade. You can make a USB fan do it yourself or the simplest engine, as in the photo below. Such a gift is well suited to a young electrician or colleague.Homemade fanThe simplest perpetual motion machine

If the budget allows, you can squander and give a more expensive but useful thing, for example:

  1. A set of electrical tools. The minimum cost of the set is 495, so you will not spend a lot on such a gift, and it will be pleasant for a colleague, husband or even grandfather.Electric Tools
  2. An interesting book related to the profession. We have already reviewed the list books for electricians. You can present, for example, the Electrotechnical Handbook or the latest edition of the PUE. Such books should always be at hand with an electrician to refresh the memory if necessary.Electrical Reference

An energy worker's day

Every year on December 22, electricians and power engineers celebrate their professional holiday. To raise the mood on the day, the power engineer recommends giving a small present, such as:

  1. Oscar "For the good energy."Oscar on a birthday
  2. Comic ID with a token.Certificate
  3. Keychain in the shape of a lamp.Lamp keychain
  4. Thematic souvenir for electrician or power engineer.Souvenir for electrician photoPresent for energy
  5. Handmade chocolate in the form of sockets, vending machines and light switches.Handmade sweets

February 23 and New Year

Well, of course, you need to think carefully about what to give an electrician on February 23 or New Year. If you are looking for a themed gift idea, but nothing comes to mind, you can consider these options:

  1. Cool set electrician.Sets of important things
  2. Handmade soap.Light bulb and outlet soap
  3. Cheerful faceted glass.Faceted glass
  4. Cup.Creative mug
  5. A souvenir that can come in handy at the right time.Useful souvenir

Here are actually all the best ideas that we wanted to provide you. We hope that now you know what to give a cool electrician for a birthday, a professional holiday, New Year's Day or February 23rd. Finally, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the video, which just shows how to make an original present for an electrician yourself:

Homemade gift

Homemade gift

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