Overview of the multimeter VAR-M01-083

The VAR-M01-083 voltammeter (ampervoltmeter) is an electric apparatus that serves to measure and control voltage and load levels in AC circuits for various purposes, from household consumers to industrial facilities. In this article, we give a brief overview and the main characteristics of this device.


The meter of this type is a modular device and, accordingly, is installed in the distribution panel on a standard DIN rail 35 mm wide. Installation requires 35 mm of free space on the DIN rail, that is, two modular spaces.

Dimensions of the multimeter

The main characteristics of the VAR-M01-083 multimeter:

  • measurement of the effective voltage value within AC20-450V, with an alternating current frequency of 45-70 Hz, 400 Hz (for this frequency there is a special version of the device);
  • non-contact load measurement in the range - 0.5-63 A;
  • power consumption metering;
  • recording in memory of the values ​​of the maximum and minimum network voltage, as well as the number of blackouts since the last data reset.

The VAR-M01-083 voltammeter is not subject to periodic verification; it is used in electrical circuits for technological control of measured values. The measurement error declared by the manufacturer: one unit of the least significant bit when measuring voltage and two units when measuring the load current.

Design and principle of operation

The VAR-M01-083 voltammeter is structurally made in a plastic case. Mounting on a DIN rail in the shield is carried out using special clamps.

On the front side there are two digital indicators, which display the current value of voltage and current in the section of the circuit to which the multimeter is connected. There is also a button on the front part to reset the parameters and select data to display on the indicator.

Front side

Above and below the device are terminals for connecting the multimeter to the mains. When installing this device, it should be borne in mind that its terminals are structurally designed to connect conductors with a cross-section of no more than 2.5 square meters. mm

The multimeter does not require additional power - it is powered directly from the measured circuit. The chains are connected to the terminals, and the current is measured in a non-contact way - the conductor of the circuit in which it is necessary to measure the load is passed through a special hole passing through the VAR case.

Connection diagram on the housing

The principle of operation of the VAR-M01-083 multimeter is as follows. Power is supplied to the terminals by the built-in voltmeter and the actual voltage value is displayed on the corresponding light indicator. When the load is turned on, the current flows through the conductor passed through the built-in current transformer, which fixes the load value and is displayed on the second indicator.The current transformer operates regardless of the direction of the current, so the measurement conductor can be passed through the hole in any way - either from the bottom up or from top to bottom.

The button on the front panel allows you to view additional information. A single press displays the maximum voltage value after the reset. The second press displays the minimum value, and the third press displays the number of disconnections during the time after data reset. Data is reset by pressing and holding the button for five seconds.

When the button is pressed twice, the power consumption is displayed; when the button is pressed twice, the load current and voltage are displayed.

It should be noted that in the absence of load, the indicator may show a small current value due to the error of the device. Values ​​can be up to 0.6 A and 0.1 W when measuring current and power, respectively.

Application area

Why do I need a VAR-M01-083 voltammeter? The device is used as a voltmeter / ammeter in various electrical circuits. Here are some examples of the use of this device.

At industrial enterprises, VAR can be installed in switchboards to control the load and voltage on the outgoing lines supplying equipment, the operation mode of which must be monitored (electric motors of various drives, machines, ventilation, cooling systems).

At power plants and substations, an ampervoltmeter can be used for technological control of the operating mode of starting-charging devices for storage batteries, motors for blowing power transformers, pumps for forced oil circulation in transformers.

In everyday life, a multimeter is used to visually monitor the voltage in home wiring and power consumption by household electrical appliances.

Flap placement

The VAR-M01-083 voltammeter is exclusively a means of control, therefore, to protect against overcurrents and voltage surges, appropriate protective devices must be installed - voltage relay and circuit breaker or difavtomatif it is necessary to protect the section of the electric circuit from current leakage To protect against differences, a modification without an indicator on the front panel can be used, for example, a multifunction protection device UZM-51M.

The advantage of using an ampervoltmeter is the ability to control the load current and the connected power, which allows you to control the included electrical appliances and thereby avoid unwanted blackout of the wiring. In the case of power supply to the generator, timely monitoring of the load (power) will prevent overloading the power source.

Installation and Connection

Consider how to connect a VAR-M01-083 multimeter to the network.

It must be remembered that before performing any work in electrical circuits, it is necessary to de-energize that section of the wiring where it is possible to touch live parts that are under operating voltage.

For the convenience of connecting an electrical apparatus, before installing it, it is necessary to prepare and connect the necessary circuits. The connection diagram of the VAR-M01-083 voltammeter is given in the operating instructions, as well as on the device itself. Zero and phase wires will be connected to terminals A1 and A2 - these conductors are both a measuring circuit and a power source for a multimeter.

Connection diagram VAR-M01-083

We prepare conductors with a cross section of up to 2.5 square meters. mm and connect to a power source.

When installing an electric apparatus, the climatic conditions of the environment must be taken into account (GOST 151-50-69). For an ammeter of this type, the ambient temperature range is -25 ... + 55 gr. (UHL4) and -40 ... + 55 (UHL2).

Also consider degree of protection devices from negative environmental factors (GOST 14254-9). The case itself has a degree of protection IP40, and taking into account the terminals - IP20.That is, when installed in a panel in an open way, the degree of protection IP20 will be provided, and if the terminals are closed from negative influences (for example, when installed in a plastic box), then the degree of protection IP40 will be ensured. But in any case, this device does not have protection against moisture, including condensation. Therefore, if it is necessary to install in conditions of possible exposure to moisture, the electrical apparatus must be installed in the body of the electrical panel, which will provide the required degree of dust and moisture protection.

This is where we end the review of VAR-M01-083. We hope that after reading the article you will understand why this unit is needed and how to connect it to the network!

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