Overview of Werkel sockets and switches

The quality of wiring products should be treated with particular care. Not only the interior and ease of use depend on this, but also the security with the functioning of the home wiring as a whole. In this article we will look at what Werkel sockets and switches are, providing an overview of the existing series and color solutions.

About the manufacturer

The Werkel company is a Swedish trademark under which wiring products (sockets, switches and other accessories) are manufactured and sold. However, despite claims of Swedish quality, products are manufactured in China.

According to the manufacturer - all devices are made of high quality materials. The site also claims that the product withstands 200,000 cycles of inclusion (while the catalog says "at least 40,000 cycles").

The assortment of the brand has plastic, metal, wooden or glass fittings, and a wide assortment will allow you to choose the design of the cladding of wiring accessories suitable for your interior.


The Werkel catalog contains three main product families:

  1. Recessed (13 series, 46 colors).
  2. Laid on Galant series (5 flowers).
  3. Laid on Retro series (3 colors, 3 families of frames and wood or metal + accessories and twisted wire).

Consider each family individually.


To begin, consider what kind of built-in mechanisms and types of wiring products are.

Werkel sockets and switches in a three-post frame


  • with backlight;
  • without backlight;
  • from single-keyboard to three-keyboard;
  • ordinary and walk-through;
  • ringing.


  • on 220V with a protective cover and without it, single and double (two in one socket);
  • on 220V and with a USB port;
  • Information for connecting an Internet cable (Ethernet RJ-45), a telephone (RJ-11), for a TV antenna, HDMI, and for connecting speakers.

The range also includes Werkel dimmers (600 W) and temperature controllers (3500 W).

Embedded Mechanism and Framework Options

The manufacturer claims that the mechanisms are of high quality, their contact pads are made of an alloy of silver with nickel (Ag - 90%, Ni - 10%), and current-carrying elements of phosphor bronze are an alloy of copper (94%) with tin (6%). The support of the built-in sockets and Werkel switches is made of stainless steel, and the case of mechanisms is made of non-combustible polycarbonate. Such materials provide a range of operating temperatures from -40 to +80 degrees Celsius.

Mounting Options

Installation of wires in switches is carried out using self-clamping terminals, and in sockets - with screw terminals. In this case, installation in the wall is possible in one of three ways:

  • screws to the socket;
  • screws to the wall;
  • using the anchor mechanism (standard expandable legs).

To combine different wiring accessories, frames from 1 to 5 posts are available, which you can put both horizontally and vertically. The frame is attached to the mechanism with “EasyClick” clips.


Users can choose from 11 colors of keys.

Embedded Switch Key Colors

A sufficiently wide range of frames allows you to choose a solution for any interior.

Glass frames:

  • Favorit;
  • Diamant.

Glass frame options

From metal:

  • Metallic
  • Palacio;
  • Palacio Gracia;
  • Aluminum;
  • Antik.

Metal frames

Made of plastic:

  • Stream
  • Snabb;
  • Snabb basic;
  • Flock
  • Fiore
  • Stark.

Plastic frames

An example of using a two-post frame and backlit switches you see below on the example of the "plastic" Stark series.

Stark backlit switch

When you install a switch with quick-clamping terminals, you may be asked the question "how to connect" or "how to pull out the wire." To connect, you need to insert the wire all the way, and it will fix, and to remove it from the terminal block, press the plastic key, as well as on Legrand products, the connection of which is shown below. Wires can be connected with a cross section of up to 2.5 square meters. mm

If the wire does not “climb”, press the latch to loosen the terminal.

The connection diagram on products of both built-in and overhead series is applied on the back side. Below you can see how to connect the Werkel single-key, two-key conventional and one-two-key walk-through switches.

Wiring diagrams


Werkel overhead sockets and switches are represented only by the Gallant series. In this line, only:

  • illuminated and non-illuminated switches;
  • 220V sockets with and without curtains, single and double;
  • TV sockets.

Galant Series

It should be noted that all devices of the Werkel Gallant series use screw terminal blocks. The frame is attached to the mechanism using two clips. All products are presented in two types of dust and water tightness - IP20 and IP44. Materials and specifications are generally similar to the previous ones. The design is pretty standard in terms of wall mounting.

Colors of the Galant Series

Gallant products are presented in five colors: white, ivory, corrugated champagne, black with silver and corrugated graphite.


At Werkel, the collection of retro-style wiring accessories is limited not only to overhead sockets and switches. It has everything you need for installing outdoor wiring with a twisted cord, let's figure out what is included in the retro series:

  • switches (3 colors);
  • sockets (3 colors);
  • metal and wooden frames from 1 to 4 posts;
  • junction boxes;
  • insulators and bushings for cable output from the wall;
  • twisted cords with a section of 1.5 and 2.5 square. mm, two and three core.

Werkel Retro Series

The Werkel Retro series is quite unusual - all switches, sockets and other accessories are made of ceramic, and the handles can be ceramic or metal. Wooden frames are of two types:

  • Legend
  • Legend Wawe.

In total, 4 colors are presented - bleached oak, light beech, Italian walnut and wenge. The metal frames are called Antik Runda and are presented in three colors: bronze, pearl and white gold (it is in the photo below).

Frames for outdoor installation

The design of devices from this line is also unusual. Both “single-key” and “two-key” switches look the same. Instead of keys, they have a lever to turn. In models for controlling two lighting groups - the lever has 4 positions. The case may be white, black or brown. For connecting wires, quick-clamping terminals are provided, similar to those on the built-in series.

Retro-products from Werkel

The mechanisms used in the Retro series

A ceramic handle of the same color as the body is included as standard, but you can buy metal pens with colored electroplating on request. 220V sockets with a grounding contact, the line has sockets for connecting a TV.

The manufacturer offers to install their products, both within and without them.

Mounting Features

Werkel also makes recommendations on open wiring:

Wiring Recommendations

The braid of cords in the catalog is presented in four primary colors (white, sand, brown, black), but five more are offered on request (sand, Italian nut, copper color, red and gray), they are shown in the same order in the figure.

Color solutions for cable products

Werkel sockets and switches are comparable with similar models from Schneider Electric and others. They are quite convenient to install. With this product, even a novice electrician will not have a question about how to disassemble or connect anything. However, you should check what you buy. Experts complain that defective circuit breakers often come, while the sockets are of a fairly high quality!

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