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Among the inexpensive segment in the market of electrical goods there are many unknown brands, the quality of products of which leaves much to be desired. But among them, some products of very good quality can be distinguished, for example, VIKO sockets and switches. What are they and we will consider in this article.

About the manufacturer

VIKO is a Turkish company whose products are manufactured in the Sanjaktepe district (Istanbul province). The company was founded more than 40 years ago - in 1966. Its range includes: sockets, switches, circuit breakers, boxes for electrical panels, tees and more.

Company `s logo

But more interesting is the fact that in October 2013, Panasonic published data on the purchase of a 90% stake in a Turkish manufacturer of electrical installation products.

Series Overview

VIKO sockets and switches are often found in homes and offices, they have earned popularity primarily because of the affordable price. The lineup consists of 12 series, 5 of them for indoor installation, 4 from the ARTSTYLE line and 2 for outdoor (overhead).


  • Carmen.
  • Karre
  • Meridian
  • Linnera.
  • Rollina.
  • ARTLINE (Novella, Novella S, Karre Cities, Karre Style).


  • Vera
  • Palmiye.
  • Pacific

For flush mounting

Carmen series - recognizable by rounded corners embossed on the frame. Rather soft forms are not evident therefore well suited for the majority of interiors. Sockets and switches Carmen come in two colors - white and cream.

Colors Carmen

Switches are:

  • single-key, two-key and three-key;
  • walk-through and cross;
  • Vertebrates, for controlling blinds, etc .;
  • with and without backlight.

Illuminated Switches

The backlighting window on models from this series is divided into three segments closed by red transparent plastic, located in the middle of the key or in the center in the context of double switches. For hotels, the manufacturer offers card switches. There are also dimmers with a rotary handle, with a phase cut both along the trailing edge and along the leading edge.

Types of CARMEN Switches

Sockets Viko Carmen are single and double, for installation in one socket, there are instances both with grounding and without it. They may have protective curtains. Frames, in turn, can combine up to 5 posts.

Sockets Carmen

In addition to conventional 220V sockets in the Viko Carmen line there are:

  • telephone (RJ-11);
  • computer (Ethernet rj-49);
  • television;
  • with audio port, etc .;

Low current ports and dimmer

Approximately the same product range in all VIKO series, therefore, we will not list each item below.

The distinctive features of Karre are straight lines and sharp corners; it has a rather restrained appearance. Coloring presents 3 options:

  • white;
  • cream;
  • with children's drawings (KIDS), with prints of the characters of the cartoon "Masha and the Bear";

Karre Series

The assortment of switches is the same as in the previous series, but in sockets there are two interesting positions:

  • with a USB port;
  • with a VGA port.

In the VIKO Karre series there are also dimmers, thermostats with a display and analog and other electrical products.

Sockets Karre

Meridian product shapes resemble Valena Life sockets and switches Legrand, the corners are faceted by lines and resemble the base of a pyramid. Frames and mechanisms come in two colors - white and cream.The backlight is made in the form of a horizontal line at the bottom of the key, the location of which is similar on both the single-key and two-key models.

Meridian Products

The range of Meridian outlets you see below.

Meridian Products

VIKO Linnera is another series of models with a flat and discreet design with a square frame, and the keys and lining of the mechanisms are rounded at the corners. The backlight window differs from previous series in that it is miniature and is located in a decorative recess. There are also two color schemes - white and cream.

Lineup Linnera

The types of sockets are similar to the previous series, but Linnera does not have a built-in USB charger, as in all subsequent series. Another feature of this line is a frame for 6 posts.

Sockets Linnera

VIKO Rollina generally repeats Linnera, but the frames are different - here the outer corners are rounded.

Sockets and switches VIKO Rollina

A feature of the Artline family is brighter design solutions. They look modern and stylish. Viko Artline includes 4 product groups:

  1. Novella
  2. Novella S.
  3. Karre Cities.
  4. Karre Style.

Novella and Novella S - looks similar to the Linnera series. Namely, straight lines and sharp corners. Found in 5 primary colors:

  • silver;
  • bronze;
  • smoky;
  • cherry;
  • beech.

Colors “wood-like” will fit on the walls of a cozy wooden house, and smoky and silver will be the perfect solution for a high-tech office. The Novella S group includes touch switches and dimmers.

Novella - elegant sockets and switches

Karre Cities and Karre Style differ from the standard Karre series only in that the frames and mechanisms are painted in the form of urban landscapes or patterns from plants.

Colors of the frames Karre Cities and Karre Style

Surface models

Built-in models are not suitable for external wiring; there are overhead wiring products for this. VIKO has 3 series in this format:

  • Vera
  • Palmiye.
  • Pacific

It is worth noting that in some built-in series in accessories there are boxes for overhead installation.

VERA - suitable for outdoor wiring in a wooden house, product housings are available in 4 colors:

  • white;
  • cream;
  • maple;
  • cherries.

Colors and models of the Vera series

In this line there are all the same devices as in the above, interesting is the combined blocks from the socket and switch.

Protected sockets and switches from VIKO

Products called Palmiya and Pacifica have dust and moisture protection class IP54, respectively, the connectors are closed with protective curtains. They are suitable for installation in garages, workshops and on the street. Their buildings are made in gray tones and obviously do not fit into the interior of the living room.

Using Pacific in the rain


In general, VIKO sockets and switches are of good quality. They are installed in most cases during budget repairs of apartments or houses. Questions like “How to connect a wire” never arise, because all devices use mainly screw terminals. By the way, the “budget” of this brand is also indicated by the fact that sockets and switches are sold complete with frames, unlike the same Schneider Electric and Legrand. The cost of products starts at a little over 100.

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