Overview of the vacuum cleaner Dauken DW600

Introducing the Dauken DW600 multi-cyclone vacuum cleaner. The model is equipped with a HEPA filter for outgoing air and a bright design in black and red colors. We will tell about what characteristics this vacuum cleaner is equipped with, how it is equipped and what it is capable of.

Dauken DW600 Review


Model Dauken DW600
Colour black red
A type floor-mounted multi-cyclone vacuum cleaner
Operating principle vacuum filtration
Main filter multicyclone
Additional filters foam and HEPA
Dust collector capacity 2.5 l
Power cord 4,5 m
Control on / off button and power adjustment lever on the case
Power 2000 watts
Noise level ~ 73 dB
Weight 5.2 kg
Telescopic tube length 75 cm
Features multicyclone filter
Equipment vacuum cleaner with multi-cyclone filter, flexible hose, telescopic tube, floor / carpet brush, crevice nozzle, manual


The vacuum cleaner comes in a black box made of corrugated cardboard in the corporate style of Dauken. The package contains basic information, including equipment and specifications. A vacuum cleaner, flexible hose, telescopic tubes and brushes are neatly packed in a box and wrapped in polyethylene.



The case is made of smooth black plastic with red accents. Buttons, power control knob, opaque part of the multicyclone container and external wheels of wheels are made in red. Highlighting controls in bright colors is justifiable in terms of ergonomics.

Vacuum cleaner design

The extendable telescopic tube unfolds up to 75 cm. It extends easily, the length-fixing mechanism is reliable.

Telescopic tube

For convenient and smooth movement on the surface, three wheels are built into the DW 600 housing: two large diameters at the rear and one steering wheel at the front of the housing mounted on a swivel mount.


Steering wheel

The hose is fixed to the air intake using a standard lock. The hose is quite flexible, the mount is reliable, at least during practical tests we were not able to pull the hose out of the lock, even with a fairly large effort.


Attaching the hose to the vacuum cleaner

The brush is standard, with two wheels for better gliding and a retractable pile for hard surfaces.


Included is a corner nozzle for cleaning hard-to-reach spots. The power adjustment slider is located on the back of the chassis. It allows you to set the desired suction power depending on the needs. On the body there are two mounts for fixing the brush. The power cable is gently reeled up at the touch of a button.

Back view

The garbage container is a cylindrical case made of transparent plastic with a red multicyclone filter and a lid; an additional polypropylene filter is located inside to protect the motor from small particles. A special mark on the maximum amount of dust is marked on the garbage flask.

Trash container


In practice, the vacuum cleaner was convenient and powerful. Dimensions and weight make it easy to carry it around the room and put it in a closet.High wheels allow using the hose to move the device along the floor surface without undue effort. The swivel wheel provides satisfactory maneuverability both on a smooth floor and on carpeting. The noise level in operation does not exceed 73 dB, which is significantly lower than the average for such models. The hose is flexible and firmly sits in the air intake socket, without risk of pulling it out with a sharp movement of the tube. The length of the power cord allows you to cover a large area when cleaning, without resorting to the need to look for another outlet nearby. Ergonomics proved to be on top, providing a high level of ease of use.

Vacuum cleaner Dauken DW600


When cleaning, the brush adheres well to the plane and even with difficulty comes off the floor at maximum power, the regulator on the body and the air valve on the handle have to be used quite often in such cases. However, a special valve at the end of the hose solves this problem, with the help of which we can briefly weaken the suction force.

Hose valve

The transparent container is made of durable plastic which is not subject to scratches, so that the filling level and contents of the compartment are clearly visible. The container is located inside the case and is easily removed by pressing the red release button. Trash can be shaken out without much effort. There is almost no dust left on the pre-motor filter, which indicates a high cyclone efficiency. It is easily washed with water without visible deformation.

Let us dwell on the design of a multicyclone filter. The principle of operation of the cyclone is to separate particles of debris and dust with a greater mass from a light gas, in the case of a vacuum cleaner it is air. Separation occurs by centrifugal force of the air flow, twisting along a spiral path in the cyclone. Heavy particles are nailed to the outer walls of the filter, from where they descend under their own weight into a garbage container.

Multicyclone filter

A feature of cyclone filters is a direct dependence of filtration efficiency on air flow rate. The lower the motor power, the lower the air flow rate in the cyclone and the lower the centrifugal force that nails the dust to the walls.

Against the background of a powerful motor, for even greater filtration efficiency, this vacuum cleaner uses a battery-type cyclone filter. It consists of several cyclones of small diameter connected in parallel, which allows to achieve maximum centrifugal force in each individual element. As a result, not only high-quality cleaning, but also an increase in the service life of secondary filters.

After air passes through the multicyclone, it is additionally cleaned through a secondary filter and enters the engine compartment. A powerful DW600 motor of 2000 watts creates the differential pressure necessary for efficient air intake. And finally, at the exit of the engine compartment, there is a reusable HEPA filter, which is the last stage of cleaning that passes through a vacuum cleaner and eliminates dust mites and other flora and fauna that allergy sufferers react to.


Dauken DW600 has high power, good ergonomics and high-quality multicyclone filter. The vacuum cleaner performed well in practical tests and can be recommended as a worthy representative in its class.


  • Power.
  • Build quality.
  • Effective multicyclone filter.
  • Convenience of operation.
  • Bright design.


  • Poorly written instruction.

That is where we end the review of the Dauken DW600 vacuum cleaner. If you have questions, ask them in the comments under the article. We hope the information provided was useful to you!

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  • Vladimir

    Please specify the dimensions of HxWxD

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  • Tatyana

    Bought a vacuum cleaner a week ago. For me it is more convenient than my old one.Dauken DW600 is small in size and has a flexible hose, so it is much more convenient to vacuum. When storing space does not take much.

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  • Sergei

    Great vacuum cleaner! I use the third week, happy as an elephant. Compact and powerful vacuum cleaner, what you need for home!

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  • Nikolay

    The model is really powerful. Bought a vacuum cleaner a week ago. We have a carpet with a large pile in our living room. Cleaning it is always difficult. But this kid is coping fast. Do not make a mistake in it.

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