Rovus Handy Heater portable heater review - is it worth it to buy?

Fan heaters and heat guns for heating rooms are used quite often. They heat both small rooms and large warehouses and defrost utilities. More recently, the next “revolution” Rovus Handy Heater has appeared on the market - it is a compact heater in a socket that consumes only 400 watts. An overview of this news, as well as our and general opinion about it, we have provided below.

Key Features and Appearance

The Rovus Handy Heater portable heater is a small device that plugs into an outlet and performs the same functions as a floor heater. The manufacturer claims such specifications:

  • Power - 400W.
  • The area of ​​the heated room is up to 25 m3.
  • Temperature adjustment range (15-32 ° C).
  • Programmable timer (1-12 hours).
  • Two fan speeds.
  • Swivel fork.
  • Overheat protection.
  • Dimensions: 10.4x15.5cm.


It is worth noting that the Handy Heater is sold in various versions with a capacity of 300, 350 and 400 watts.

The heater is made of black plastic, on the upper edge of the case there are controls and a double seven-segment indicator of green or red color, which displays the temperature and settings of the device.

The indicator is red and green

There is a switch on the right side (the position may vary, depending on the actual manufacturer).


On the bottom side of the device there are air intake slots, behind which there is a miniature fan, such as those coolers that are used in computers for cooling.

Compact Heater Cooler

An advertisement by Rovus Handy Heater states that a ceramic heater with overheat protection (bimetal contacts) is used.

Heater for Handy Heater

The main interest is the fact that a portable heater with a capacity of only 400 watts and is able to heat a room of 20-25 square meters. meters in minutes. Is it a divorce?

Why not worth buying

Handy-cheater is actively advertised in TV shops, where they strongly indicate its advantages:

  • portability;
  • consumes little electricity;
  • swivel fork allows you to orient the heater horizontally or vertically;
  • overheat protection.

“Down with the interfering wires” is the inscription on the packaging of the Rovus Handy Heater. Emphasizing the main feature - plug directly into the outlet.

Now about the bad. There are conditional rules for calculating the power of heaters - 1 kW per 10 square meters. meters. Even with such a rough estimate, it becomes clear that 400 watts will not be able to warm a room of 25 square meters. meters. Such power is only enough to heat the bathroom, or install it near the table, to blow warm hands or feet during operation, in fact, this is what it is called: Handy Heater - a manual heater.

By the way, another name for Handy Heater is Rovus Heat-MC4.

This fact clearly refutes the claimed heating area in the characteristics of 25 square meters. meters. But this is not all the disadvantages of the device. We attribute to them the cost. A portable heater is sold for 700-900 and 1200-1400 for the remote control version, depending on the store and delivery.

Option with remote control

Note that this device is advertised - it is easy to stumble on countless Chinese copies, although the original device is assembled in China, and is clearly not of high quality. This is evidenced by numerous reviews.

Since the Rovus Handy Heater is not an expensive device, let's see what you can choose from the “wired”, but full-fledged models from well-known brands:

  1. Scarlett SC-FH53K10 - 1000, heating power 1600 W, ceramic heating element.
  2. Electrolux Prime EFH / S-1125 - 1200, heating power 1500 W, heating element - nichrome spiral.
  3. Polaris PCDH 1581 - 1600, power 1500 W, ceramic heating element.

Their advantage is that they really heat the declared 20-25 square meters. meters, as well as the availability of service centers, warranty and authorized dealers, in contrast to the portable Rovus Handy Heater. And if we consider less well-known brands like SUPRA, VITEK and others, you can find good models that cost even cheaper (700-1000).


The bulk of the reviews on the Rovus Handy Heater portable heater says that the product falls apart in your hands, it’s broken, the plastic is of poor quality, creaks, slightly warms or does not warm at all.


We also recommend watching a video review of this portable heater, it is useful to see:

The question arises, if the execution is so poor, then how can we hope for its safe operation? Therefore, to summarize, we can say - that this heater is not worth buying and using, it is better to consider analogues.

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