Review of the best electric heaters for summer cottages

Features of the choice of electric heaters for the cottage are that the cottage needs to be quickly warmed up upon arrival at the suburban area, especially in winter. In addition, heating should be inexpensive and safe so that no troubles occur during rest. Next, we will tell you which electric heaters are the most economical and safe for heating a house in the country!

Key selection criteria

Using IR heaters in a wooden house

To choose the right electric heater for a summer residence, you must rely on the following requirements:

  1. Heating installation doesn't have to be complicated.
  2. It is desirable that the heaters are mobile.
  3. Safety must be above all.
  4. Consider the cost-effectiveness of devices.
  5. An expanded set of functions allows you to adjust not only profitability, but also system performance.
  6. Price, as one of the limiting factors (for a summer residence, it is not logical to buy expensive equipment if you appear there 2-3 times a month).

So, based on these criteria, we will further tell you which electric heater is better to choose for a summer residence. The 4 most popular types of products will participate in the comparison: convection, infrared, oil and fan heaters.

Video review of the best household electric heaters

Comparison of existing devices

We will perform the comparison according to the above criteria, on the basis of which we will determine which electric heater, operating from a 220V network, is the most economical and safe.


The first to consider electric convectors, which are popular not only in summer cottages, but also in private houses, apartments, cottages. Convector devices are mounted quite simply, because There are floor and wall models. Floor products can be moved to any room, which makes them mobile and provides another advantage. Electroconvectors for heating the cottages are absolutely safe, because have protection against overheating and a low temperature of heating the case (no more than 80 degrees).A variety of forms of heaters

As for the efficiency of electric heaters, it should be noted that convectors are not the most energy-saving heating option, but if they are additionally equipped with temperature controllers, you can make the system more or less cheap to operate. The device’s functionality is the most advanced, which is again associated with the use of an additional control unit. Well, as for the price, the use of electric convectors for summer cottages will cost you 3-7 thousand for one heater. Based on the assumption that no less than one heater is needed per room, the cost of the heating system is about 20-30 thousand.Wall-mounted electric heater (convector)

IR panels

The next most popular in the ranking are infrared panels mounted on the ceiling and walls.Devices are easily mounted and easily connected to the network. About, how to connect an infrared heater we already told. In mobility, ceiling IR panels lose because are more stationary devices. As for safety, there are no special complaints and negative reviews on the operation of infrared heaters. Regarding the cost of electricity, these products are the most economical electric heaters for summer cottages, which is their main advantage over other options.Infrared heater

Among the shortcomings, a small set of functions and installation requirements should be noted: the ceilings must be high, otherwise IR rays will have a negative effect on the human body. In addition, the IR panels dry the air, which also shows them from the negative side. The cost of this option for heating a summer cottage is not too expensive than the previous option, however, the price will still increase slightly, because the price of one panel of good quality is at least 3.5 thousand.

Oil heaters

These devices have become famous as the most expensive version of electric heaters for summer cottages and homes. This is due to the high power of the products and prolonged heating to operating temperature. At the same time, the mobility of oil radiators makes them competitive, as you can roll the case into the desired room, which is especially true in the country house. There will be no problems with the installation, just plug the plug into a power outlet.The use of oil heaters

As far as safety is concerned, modern models are armed with overheating protection and automatic shutdown when capsizing. In terms of functions, they also lagged behind in development, because are practically non-programmable. All that the control unit is capable of is setting the temperature of the coolant in the housing. An important advantage of this type of electric heaters is the low price - 2.5-3 thousand. Having bought 1-2 products for the whole country house, you can make temporary heating during your vacation. About, how to choose the oil heater, we already told what we advise you to familiarize yourself with.

Fan heaters

Well, the last option for electric heaters for summer cottages is fan heaters and heat guns. Their undoubted advantage is that the devices are able to warm the room to the optimum temperature in the shortest possible time (21-23aboutC), even in winter. In installation they outperform alternatives, as are absolutely mobile, as seen in the photo. However, this is where the merits of such products end.Household model of a powerful electric heater

Regarding the shortcomings, it should be said that fan heaters do not save electricity at all, they dry the air and, moreover, the most fire hazardous ones. In addition to this, the devices have a small set of functions and are practically not programmable. The only thing you can do is adjust the heating temperature and the rate of air supply to the room.

Power marking - 9 kW

It is advisable to choose this option of an electric heater for a cottage if you are still doing construction work, as fan heaters can be effectively used even on the street. For the price they are, of course, better than other devices. For example, the popular Veterok model can cost from 800, and a powerful ceramic electric heater will be no more expensive than 8000. Please note that these prices are for 2017.

Idea for skilled craftsmen

We have examined the most popular electric heaters for summer cottages. As you can see, the cost of electric heating for a country house with 4-5 rooms can vary from 4 to 30 thousand, which makes it possible to choose the most suitable option for price and quality.

But what if you already have a water heating system, but for some reason it is impossible to turn on the gas boiler? This happens with unstable gas supply to the site and frequent repairs.In this case, we recommend that you make a domestic electric heater for your own home, which works in combination with water heating. Of the most interesting ideas, we advise you to browse, how to make an electrode boiler from improvised means, and how to make an induction boiler yourself. Both devices are assembled quite easily and at the same time more economical than all of the above options. In addition, if you are left without electricity, such products will be able to function from a conventional diesel generator.

Set for making Inverter core heating

To summarize

And finally, I would like to summarize, and give my recommendation on choosing a good electric heater for a summer residence. If your material capabilities allow, install IR panels throughout the house. These products will prevent dampness and in a short period of time they will prepare the room for rest, besides they are the most economical.

The principle of operation of infrared heaters

Visual diagram demonstrating the advantages of products

With severe restrictions in terms of money, buy fan heaters, the cost of which is 2-3 times less than alternative options.Photo of household fan heaters

Well, the most safe and functional device that does not affect the well-being of a person and creates comfortable conditions for relaxation - electric convectors. The energy consumption during their installation will be a little more, but nevertheless, the advantages of such a system block the only drawback and make it the best option for electric heating of the cottage!The use of convectors at home

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  • Irina

    I have a house of 75 square meters in two levels, from glued beams, insulated from the outside with basalt plates. I am heated by infrared ceiling heaters (IR), there is a relay, I set the temperature. Three IR heaters and two convectors with built-in relays, I've been with me for three years now. In the most cold weather and in the northeast, I pay for all 4,000 p. (a well with a pump, a water boiler, a refrigerator, TVs, washing machines, etc.). In the summer of 2016 paid 600-700r. this is due to the fact that we have a garden partnership and the price for light at the city tariff, plus plus includes losses, payment for the services of an accountant and an electrician. Now tariffs are rising, but I'm saving ....

    I don’t feel much difference yet, but I like IR more, convectors warm the whole air and are warmer under the ceiling than the floor, and IR on the contrary: the floor is warm. As to whether air is dried or not, I don’t know. We live by the sea, our humidity is high.

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