Overview of the vertical vacuum cleaner HOOVER HF18DPT 019

At the end of 2018, the new HOOVER H-FREE HF18DPT 019 appeared on the market of vertical vacuum cleaners; in 2019, sales of this model officially started. The advantage of vertical vacuum cleaners is that they take up less space, are more convenient to use, and if the device also works on battery power, they are mobile. In this article, we prepared a review of HOOVER HF18DPT 019, reviewed the characteristics and functionality of a vacuum cleaner, and shared our own impressions of the new product.


Let's start with a description of the items that come with the package. So, the components are as follows:

  1. Main unit with battery and waste bin.
  2. A set of nozzles (the main one with an electric brush and backlight, crevice, a large brush for dust and furniture, a mini-turbo brush with silver ions).
  3. Connecting tube.
  4. Bracket for wall mounting.
  5. Charger.
  6. Two rubber inserts for more efficient carpet cleaning.
  7. Quick start guide.
  8. Warranty card.

Options HOOVER

Note that, optionally, the dealer’s online store has an additional short-pile floor roll that collects even the smallest dust from flat surfaces. The rest of the equipment is complete and allows you to achieve the full cleaning of various coatings, from parquet and tile to carpets.


Immediately, we note that the appearance of the HOOVER HF18DPT 019 looks quite restrained, there is nothing superfluous and at the same time all the elements are made for practical use. The handle on the case is ergonomic, the design itself is designed in such a way that it is not difficult to operate the vacuum cleaner. The connecting tube is light, the main weight falls on the unit with the battery and dust collector.

Front view

Front view

There is a power button on the handle; if you release it, the vacuum cleaner will immediately stop working. However, a latch is located nearby for more convenient use - when it is turned on, the button is fixed in the on position and you no longer need to constantly hold the button with your finger.

In front, under the HOOVER logo, there is a Turbo button, turning it on increases suction power. The location is not the most convenient, but this avoided accidentally switching modes when cleaning.

View from above

Speaking of the remaining components of the main unit, they are simply removed for maintenance. All buttons and locks are highlighted in blue, which allows you to quickly understand the vacuum cleaner.

Side view

Of all the nozzles, I would like to separately talk about the main one, the one with a long electric brush. It is additionally equipped with a backlight that turns on immediately after turning on the vacuum cleaner itself. It is practical and convenient, especially if you need to vacuum under furniture and in other unlit places.

Brush light

In addition to the backlight on the brush there is a charge indication, which makes it clear how charged the battery is. It is important to note such a design feature as switching between 90º and 180º harvesting angles.Thanks to this, the issue of cleaning the floor in hard-to-reach places (under the same furniture) is solved.

Switching angles

In general, there are no complaints about the appearance of a vertical vacuum cleaner. It is convenient and does not complicate the first acquaintance after the purchase.


All the main characteristics of the HOOVER H-FREE HF18DPT 019 are summarized in the table:

Type of cleaning Dry
Dust collector type Cyclone filter, 0.7 L
Battery Li-Ion, 18.5 V, 2500 mAh
Power consumption 170 watts
Charging time up to 300 min
Battery life 25 min
Number of filtration steps 2
Dimensions (H * W * D) 113 * 23 * 25 cm
Weight 2.4 kg

In general, the characteristics correspond to the price segment (in 2019, the cost of the model is 13690).


First of all, it is worth noting that the HOOVER HF18DPT 019 is suitable exclusively for dry cleaning. Thanks to the electric brush, this cordless vacuum cleaner is able to effectively clean carpets and smooth hard surfaces from pet hair, long hair and small debris. The owner of the pet HOOVER H-FREE will become an indispensable assistant for maintaining cleanliness in the apartment or house.

Main brush

Replaceable nozzles allow you to choose the most optimal brush option for certain conditions. It is important to note an interesting feature of the model - having removed the connecting tube, you can conveniently clean furniture, hard-to-reach spots and even the car interior with a vacuum cleaner. Speaking of the latter, not many are aware of using this handheld vacuum cleaner to clean rugs, seats and the luggage compartment of a car.

Vacuum cleaner

As mentioned above, the battery life of the HOOVER HF18DPT 019 is 25 minutes, this is the average value. As tests show, in normal mode a fully charged vacuum cleaner can work for a little more than 30 minutes, while Turbo mode runs out of battery in about 18 minutes. This time is enough for cleaning in an apartment or a medium-sized house. If one charge was not enough for cleaning, it takes about 5 hours to fully restore the charge level in the battery. Too much and this is one of the negative points, judging by customer reviews.

If you touch on the process of caring for a vacuum cleaner, and in particular - cleaning the waste container, it is thought out to the smallest detail. Non-contact cleaning of the dust container by pressing only one latch will allow you to empty the container without getting your hands dirty. For this, a separate plus to the manufacturer.

To summarize

At the end of the review, I would like to talk about my first impression of a vertical vacuum cleaner, as well as highlight its main pros and cons.

Among the advantages of HOOVER HF18DPT 019 we note:

  1. A light weight. Most analogues weigh from 3 kg, and this vacuum cleaner is not only lighter, but also designed in such a way that the load is distributed evenly and can be vacuum cleaned with one hand.
  2. Good equipment. The presence of several nozzles for more flexible cleaning.
  3. Easy care. Here we have in mind the design of the dust collector and the ability to quickly remove the central brush to remove hair and wool by hand.
  4. There is a Turbo mode, thanks to which you can increase the suction power on the carpets and in case of severe pollution on the laminate or tile.
  5. A practical main nozzle that illuminates the cleaned area and is able to move to a fully horizontal position to clean the floor under the furniture.
  6. There is enough time for full-fledged cleaning of a two-room apartment or a small house.
  7. Dust collector of impressive volume. Enough for several cleaning cycles, if laziness every time to clean it from debris.
  8. Affordable price. Most models with more advanced features are much more expensive.

If we talk about the shortcomings, the following comments:

  1. It takes a long time to charge. Although most analogs also charge up to 300 minutes, I would like the vacuum cleaner to be able to “reset” faster.
  2. Low power. Unfortunately, power is not the highest in its class, but not low. The average value, but according to the first sensations, I would like the vacuum cleaner to be more powerful.

In general, the model has much more advantages than disadvantages.The vacuum cleaner fully justifies its price and up to 15 thousand there are not many representatives who could compete with it. Our impression is more positive, therefore, we definitely recommend buying.

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