Innovative Water Leakage Protection - Neptun Prow + Wi-Fi

To protect your home or apartment from water leaks in the bathroom, today they use special systems consisting of sensors, automatic ball valves and a control module. Such a kit is mandatory for installation in any room where there are “wet areas”, since the risk of water leakage is always very high, regardless of the quality of the repair. In addition, the leakage protection system is one of the components of the Smart Home, a technology that is being implemented in modern homes and apartments. In this article, we will tell you about the “smart” Neptun ProW + Wi-Fi control module, which today is one of the most functional and competitive.

Briefly about the system

As we have already said, the system for protection against water leaks consists of automatic ball valves, sensors and the main component - the control module. Sensors, as a rule, are installed in places of probable leaks: next to the shower, bathtub, near radiators and some household appliances (for example, near a dishwasher or washing machine). Sensors can be either wired or wireless.

An electric ball valve is installed directly at the inlet of the water supply pipes. The most suitable installation location is immediately after the ball valves, which shut off the water supply in manual mode.

Leakage protection

The control module receives leakage signals from the sensors and sends a command to shut off the automatic ball valves in the event of an emergency (in this case, leakage). In addition, the control module can perform other functions, for example, take into account water consumption, send the status of the protection system to a mobile application, etc.

Features of the Neptun ProW + Wi-Fi module

If the sensors and ball valves in most cases for different types of protection systems perform the same function and have a similar design, the control module is constantly being improved. If we talk about Neptun ProW + Wi-Fi, the functionality of this module includes:

  1. Management of the protection system via smartphone. To do this, just install the free application and synchronize the mobile phone and the mounted system.
  2. Timely notification of an accident. In addition to the fact that the module issues sound and light alerts on the front panel, additional information about the occurrence of leakage is received on the screen of your mobile phone. A very important function, especially if no one is at home at this time.
  3. Monitoring the flow rate of hot and cold water. Now it’s not at all necessary to manually take readings every month, opening the cabinet with counters, which is located in the bathroom or in the kitchen. Just open the mobile application and view the readings in it. This is a very convenient feature for those who rent an apartment.
  4. Backup power protection system.Even if the power supply of the apartment or house is turned off for a long time (up to 36 hours), the Neptun ProW + Wi-Fi module will work. The developers introduced batteries into the design, which will be the source of backup power. By the way, the application will notify you in advance of the need to replace these batteries. In addition, the control module is protected against short circuits, overloads and overvoltages. This is especially important for the owner of the apartments of the old housing stock, where the power grids were not modernized.
  5. Indication of position of ball valves. You can not only remotely monitor the cranes, but also if you wish, automatically control them (close and open). If you went on vacation, you forgot to play it safe and shut off the water, this can always be done through the application.
  6. Auto cranking function. It is a self-cleaning mode of ball valves that prevents souring of valves. Auto-rotate can be adjusted every 15 days.
  7. The Neptun ProW + Wi-Fi control module can be connected to the Smart Home system and the alarm system of a residential building. A special outlet is provided for this.

Mobile app

Application features

To summarize

We told you what an innovative system of protection against water leaks is based on the Neptun ProW + Wi-Fi control module. As you can see, the functionality of the device is quite impressive. Therefore, if you are planning to introduce the Smart Home system or decide to play it safe and protect yourself and your neighbors from flooding, we recommend that you pay attention to the kit we describe. In addition, the module supply voltage can be either from standard 220 V or from 12 V. Moreover, the power consumption is only 0.5 W, the installed module will practically not affect the power consumption.

Phone control
It is also important to note that up to 375 wired sensors or up to 32 wireless radio sensors can be connected to the Neptun ProW + Wi-Fi module. All this means that the system can be mounted on large objects, while protecting not only the water supply line, but also the heating from leaks, which is no less important. An additional, but no less important plus - the guarantee for the protection system is as long as 6 years, which indirectly indicates the high quality of the products in question.

Also keep in mind that the Neptune water leakage control system has a solution for every budget - for example, the minimum cost for a Neptun Aquacontrol apartment kit is less than 10,000. There is no WiFi and many interesting options like the Neptun ProW + WiFi module, but the main task is to protect your home from water leaks 24 hours and 7 days a week.

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