Motion Sensor Setup Instructions

When we talked about how to make street lighting economical and at the same time functional, it is strongly recommended that you install a motion sensor on the spotlights. This device will allow you to automate the backlight system and turn it on not only at night, but also if movement is detected in the detection zone. However, it is far from always possible to make the adjustment the way you want, as a result of which the sensor is triggered by the slightest oscillation of the branches or when it is not too dark outside. That is why we have prepared detailed instructions for our readers, in which we clearly explained how to set up a motion sensor for lighting with two and three controls.

How can I adjust the detector?

In modern motion sensors (DD), you can adjust the sensitivity, illumination, the time delay for turning off the light and the installation angle.


All these parameters, if properly configured, can save up to 50% of electricity, which is a very significant indicator. However, it should be noted right away that not all motion sensors have three controllers. In older models, only two parameters can be adjusted - delay time and sensitivity, or delay time and light level, as in the photo below:


We recommend that you look at the instructions that explain the detector operation scheme:

Sensor Overview

Now we will separately analyze how to set up a motion sensor on a searchlight or other version of a lamp.


Installation angle

The first thing to do is to correctly adjust the detection zone of the DD. In modern models of luminaires, detectors are represented by individual elements mounted on a hinge. Here you just have to configure it so that the infrared rays are directed at the maximum possible detection area. Here, not only the installation angle, but also the height at which you decide connect motion sensor. The best and most unsuccessful installation methods are described in the diagrams below:

Detection zone

Installation methods


The second parameter that you must configure is the sensitivity, which is indicated on the SENS housing. As a rule, a wheel with a range from min (low or -) to max (high or +) is used for adjustment. Setting the sensitivity of the motion sensor is the most difficult. You must adjust the parameter so that the detector does not work on small animals, but at the same time turns on the light when a person is detected. In this case, it is recommended to immediately set SENS to maximum, wait until the lamp turns off and check how the sensor will work.

Light on sensitivity

Gradually, you will need to decrease your sensitivity until you find a middle ground.We draw your attention to the fact that if you have a large dog in the yard, it is unlikely that you can configure the sensor so that it does not react to it.


The next setting is the light threshold indicated on the “LUX” case. This parameter is necessary in order to configure the sensor to turn on the light only when it is dark. For example, why should the lights turn on when motion is detected during daylight hours, it still will not give anything. At the first setting, it is recommended to set the maximum LUX value and, in the evening, adjust the appropriate time at which the sensor will be triggered.


If your detector does not have a LUX control, you can optionally connect the light sensor. In this case, it will still be possible to adjust the spotlight so that it turns on only at night.

Delay time

Well, the last parameter is the turn-on delay, indicated by “TIME”. Time is easiest to set up; the range can range from 5 seconds to 10 minutes. Here you must decide for yourself at what time it is better to set a delay. There are sensors in which the delay time increases with each new start. At initial setup, it is recommended to set this knob to the minimum mark so that you can quickly perform a parameter check.

Response time delay

You can also find out some useful information by watching this video:

How to adjust

That's all I wanted to tell you about how to set up a motion sensor for lighting. Such detectors can be installed not only on the street, but even in the apartment, for example, on the landing in the staircase. We hope that the provided instructions for setting up the detector with two and three controls were useful to you!

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