Workshop on making floor lamp from improvised means

Many designers recommend using several light sources in the room, ranging from chandeliers to lamps and floor lamps. This will illuminate certain areas in the room or create a special range of lighting depending on the mood. But in order to realize the plan, significant financial investments will be required, since creative and unusual lights cost a lot of money. In this regard, you can make a floor lamp yourself, and at the same time not much to spend money. You can collect it from improvised materials, such a product will look good in a country house, apartment or in the country. Next, we will tell you how to make a floor lamp yourself, providing instructions with photos and video examples.

Step-by-step instruction

Preparation of materials

In order to make a homemade lamp you will need the following tools and materials:

  • lumber and wood glue;
  • hacksaw;
  • drill and pliers;
  • knife, screwdriver;
  • fasteners;
  • copper elbow;
  • wooden beam for the frame (approximately 140 cm);
  • copper tube for the frame (about one meter);
  • lamp and electric cord with plug;
  • LED light bulbs;
  • plastic trash bucket (openwork).

Materials for the manufacture of the lamp


Make a floor lamp yourself should be step by step. First of all, it is necessary to start manufacturing the base of the structure.

Making the foundation

So, the foundation is done as follows:

  1. First of all, two planks should be cut from the board. One should be 35x5x20 cm in parameters (length, thickness, width, respectively), the other 30x2.5x15 cm. Dimensions can be taken and others, but it must be taken into account that the base must support the weight of the entire structure and not allow it to tip over.
  2. Then you need to glue two bars with glue. To do this, a smaller board needs to be greased with special glue and attached to a larger board. This must be done so that it is centered. Using the clamps, fix the bars until the glue completely dries.
  3. After that, it is necessary to measure 5 centimeters from the edge and make a hole with a diameter of 3 cm. And since the base is relatively thick, periodically it will be necessary to remove the wooden parts from the hole. As soon as the hole becomes through, all edges should be sanded.

Base hole

We make a frame

For the frame, a rack of almost one and a half meters was chosen. This height is selected taking into account the fact that a home-made floor lamp can be placed near the sofa and light will fall on it from above. But you can choose a different height.

Before proceeding with the manufacture of the frame, you need to wipe the copper pipe with alcohol. This will remove the remaining stickers and grease.

Surface degreasing

Then you need to do the following:

  1. A feature of this design is that the lamp should be located above the seat near which the floor lamp will be installed.In order to do it yourself, you need to drill a hole for a copper pipe in a wooden rack. It should be at an angle of 60 degrees.Drilling a wooden stand
  2. A copper pipe is inserted into the hole so that the smaller end looks 25 cm. Mark with a marker the intersection of the wooden stand and the copper pipe.Make a mark
  3. On one side of the pipe, drill a 6 mm hole in place of the mark. It is necessary in order to pass a cord through it.Drill pipe

Putting the lamp

To assemble a home-made floor lamp you need:

  • Place and secure the wooden stand with the base. To do this, using carpentry glue, the lower end of the rack is attached to the base. Fix the structure until the glue completely dries.Mounting the stand to the base
  • After that, you must insert the copper pipe. It should only be noted that the pre-prepared hole in the pipe should be turned to the floor. Once the elements are installed in the desired position, they should be fixed and secured. For this, universal glue is used. Attach an elbow to the copper pipe, to which the floor lamp and its lampshade will then be attached.Copper pipe installation
  • An electric cord is drawn into the hole that was made in the copper tube. Its end will have to peek out from the end elbow.Stretch the cord

Come up with a lampshade

Making a lampshade is very easy and simple. To do this, it is enough to have an ordinary office wastebasket with you and adhere to the following instructions:

  1. To make a homemade lampshade does not resemble a wastebasket, you need to carefully trim its upper side.Second life trash bin
  2. At the bottom of the basket, in the center you need to make a hole for the cartridge.Making holes for an electric cartridge
  3. In order for the floor lamp to be of a certain color, the lampshade needs to be painted with spray paint in any color you like. Allow the paint to dry, and then re-apply a coat of paint to fix the desired effect.Lampshade painting
  4. The final step that needs to be done to build a makeshift floor lamp is to fix the cartridge with the lampshade to the wire.Build a homemade lamp

DIY floor lamp made. Now you can put it near your favorite chair, open a book and enjoy reading. A photo of the finished product is shown below:

Homemade floor lamp

Other interesting ideas

A floor lamp for the house can be assembled from a variety of improvised materials. For example, you can simply change the old lamp by adding a new leg or lampshade. For lovers of coziness and comfort, a lampshade made of threads and beads is an excellent solution. To do this, you need a mesh and threads. Satin threads are wound around the grid and the lampshade is mounted on a stand.

Also, the lampshade can be constructed from plain white paper or fabric. A homemade frame is wrapped with fabric or paper and with the help of special paints give it its own style. And handmade jewelry made of beads, shells, rhinestones or buttons will give the lamps their individuality and unusualness.

We recommend watching a video that demonstrates master classes on assembling a floor lamp from improvised materials. Learn how to make a beautiful floor lamp from the drum of a washing machine, as well as a table model from paper plates:

Such unusual ideas will create a lamp for any room interior. The advantage of a makeshift floor lamp is that no one will have such a product. It will be special and individual. Moreover, it is possible to make not only floor lamps, but also to build a table lamp, which can be placed near the bed.

So we looked at how to make a floor lamp with your own hands at home. We hope you enjoyed the photos and video examples, as well as the workshops, and inspired you to make a homemade lamp from improvised materials!

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