What tools should a home electrician have?

Today we’ll talk about what tools an electrician needs to repair and wiring installation. It should immediately be noted that the set of devices and appliances will depend on many factors: the level of professionalism of the master, the intended purpose (homework related to electricity or wiring on the road), etc. Since our information portal is designed for home masters, then we will only talk about those devices, power tools and accessories that will be useful to an electrician directly in the house when working with voltages up to 1000 Volts. We will conditionally divide the list of tools for electrical installation into measuring instruments, hand-held devices and power tools, providing a description of the most important items.

Hand tools

So, first we will provide you with a set of electrician's hand tools so that you know what you need to buy in the kit in your house.Electrician kit

The following items must be in your suitcase:

  1. Screwdriver Set. When installing sockets, switches and other elements of the wiring without screwdrivers can not do. You need not only a curly and straight screwdriver, but also an indicator screwdriver, so that you can determine the presence of voltage on the exposed terminals. About, how to use an indicator screwdriverread in the corresponding article. About all the most popular types of screwdrivers and their purpose we also spoke separately.Screwdrivers from the manufacturer
  2. Mounting knife. Without this tool, it is difficult to imagine electrical work. You must have a knife and a set of blades in your own box with various devices. Immediately, you can immediately add that also does not hurt wire stripping tool: a special knife for electricians or a stripper.Wire stripper
  3. Pliers. It will be more correct to say - pliers that the electrician-installer needs, not only in order to bite the wire, but also to perform correct twisting of wires.Pliers with dielectric handles
  4. Side cutters. Despite the fact that many pliers include cutting pliers, it is better to buy professional side cutters with a good blade. With this tool, you can not only bite thick veins during installation, but also remove insulation from wires if there is no stripper at hand.Side cutters Knipex
  5. Hammer. Like any other installer, an electrician must have a hammer in his case. Using this device, you can drive a dowel into a wall, make a stroba (paired with a chisel) or hammer a bracket (as one of the options wire fasteners in the wall).Insulated handle hammer
  6. Chisel. We have already said about it - if you need to manually hold the strobe, you can not do without a chisel. At the same time, when installing electrical wiring in a wooden house, be sure to store a chisel in a suitcase.Hammering a wall with a chisel
  7. Round pliers.They are not always used for electrical work in a house or apartment, but still have their own certain value - with the help of this hand tool, a home master can figure out how to bend the wire to connect some types of contacts.Round pliers
  8. Crimping pliers. If you use liners most often, like method of connecting electrical wires, then also enter ticks in the list of the most necessary tool.Wire crimping

Keep in mind that you must also put electrical tape, different heat shrinks, a marker and a tape measure in the suitcase. You can’t do without these devices when installing your own electrical wiring. We also advise you to buy a special belt for the entire above list of items, on which you can fasten anything: from a hammer to a screwdriver. In addition to the belt, installers wear specialized vests with many pockets, which is also convenient for storing tools for various types of wiring. In the photo below you can see how the belt and vest look.

Convenient kit from ProSkit

Measuring instruments

A multimeter can be attributed to this category of necessary items for a home master. It is enough to buy this measuring device so that you can measure the voltage, resistance and current strength in the circuit of 220 and 380 Volts (it is unlikely to be more at home). Using a tester is not difficult, even for an electrician to a beginner, we talked about this in detail in the article - how to use a multimeter at home.Using a multimeter to check wiring

Calipers. Oddly enough, even in simple homework, you may need this manual, but still measuring tool. Using a caliper, you can determine the cross section of the wire, which is very important in electrical work, if there is no marking on the outer insulation of the conductor.

Electronic caliper

The video provides an overview of all the most important tools that can be useful to an electrician not only at home:

Complete electrician bag

If we talk about measuring devices for electricians who are involved in electrical work, we additionally recommend purchasing a megaohmmeter. This device is needed so that you can check the insulation resistance of the wire or cable, which is especially important to do after the wiring. You can also optionally replenish the arsenal with a hidden wiring detector, which will quickly determine where exactly the wire passes in the wall.

Power tool list

Well, and closes our list of tools for an electrician, the following set of items:

  • Rotary hammer with a set of drills and crowns (for wood, concrete). Using a punch, you can make a round strob for installation of socketsas well as a groove for laying electrical wiring in the wall. This universal power tool must be on a shelf in the home workshop.Using a hammer drill
  • Stroborez. A more professional tool for an electrician is a wall chaser, with which you can quickly and without dust draw a network of strobe throughout the room. Its main disadvantage is the high price, but in this case, you can cheat and do a chipper yourself. A homemade tool will not interfere with a set of home electrician.Using a chamfer
  • Screwdriver. Another no less important power tool, with which you can quickly mount various switching devices, switchboards to a wall, etc.Fastening switching devices with a screwdriver
  • Angle grinder (USHN) or as it is also called - "grinder". In electrical work can be used for strobing walls for wiring and cutting various materials.Grinder in hands
  • Soldering iron. If you need to repair a home appliance, the soldering iron must be in the case. By the way, this device can even connect the wires to each other, and DIY soldering iron quite easy!Soldering iron picture

Another, no less interesting video review from professionals:

We pay attention even to small details

So we have provided the entire basic list of appliances, power tools and appliances that should be in the suitcase of a home master. Be sure to ensure that all tools for the electrician are with insulated dielectric handles. In no case do not use objects with a metal handle during installation work - this is a big threat to your life! We hope that our brief description with pictures was useful and interesting for you. By the way, there are ready-made tool kits for electrical work, for example, from Knipex. If you have money, you can buy a case in which there will already be all the necessary devices!

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We pay attention even to small details

Convenient kit from ProSkit

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