How to protect yourself from electromagnetic radiation at home and at work?

We all know from the lessons of the Belarusian Railways that electromagnetic radiation (EMR) negatively affects the human body. When staying in the danger zone for a long time, initially fatigue and drowsiness are observed, which over time can turn into more serious consequences: the development of tumors, suppression of the immune system, hormonal disruptions. Especially dangerous is the effect of waves on pregnant women, because EMR can cause pathology in newborns. Next, we will talk about the main methods of protection against electromagnetic radiation in the apartment and in the workplace.

How to protect yourself in everyday life

So, the following household appliances are considered the main sources of electromagnetic fields in a house and apartment:

  • cellular telephone;
  • refrigerator;
  • microwave;
  • TV;
  • computer (including laptop);
  • Washer;
  • electric stove;
  • wifi router;
  • indoor antenna;
  • kettle;
  • fixtures;
  • sockets and switches;
  • wiring.

Sources of EMR picture

As you can see, in fact, everything related to electricity in a house is a source of electromagnetic radiation. So how to protect yourself from electromagnetic radiation in the apartment? Now we will provide some simple methods.

The first and probably the most important emitter is a mobile phone. When you go to bed, turn it off or leave it away from bed until morning. In addition, try to carry the cell phone not in your pants pocket, but in your bag. Do not hold the phone to your ear until a connection is established. An effective way to protect against mobile electromagnetic radiation is to talk using a wired headset (headphones with a microphone).

If you want to protect yourself from EMP of kitchen appliances (washing machine, electric stove, microwave oven or kettle), when you turn on the appliance, move away from it no less than half a meter. For the same reason, it is recommended that refrigerator installation no closer than half a meter from the dining table (it is better to leave a distance of 1-1.5 m).

TV and computer are generally a separate issue. To protect against electromagnetic radiation from the computer, place the system unit under the table. It is recommended that you keep a distance of at least 70 cm from the monitor. Doctors also do not recommend keeping the laptop on your lap when working. If you are sitting at a computer for a long time, take as many as 5-minute breaks in the fresh air.

The simplest method of protection against electromagnetic radiation in an apartment is to turn off inoperative electrical appliances from the outlet. You will be surprised, but even when the device is turned off, it emits waves if it is plugged in. This primarily applies to table lamps, office equipment and those devices that rarely turn on (for example, air conditioning or a vacuum cleaner).

As for the wiring, experts recommend that those who want to protect themselves from electromagnetic radiation use a special shielded cable for laying in the wall.By the way grounding in the house plays an important role in protection - metal grounded electrical appliances emit much less radiation.

By the way, now on the Internet they offer to buy special means of protection against electromagnetic radiation for the house and apartment. We do not recommend using these devices because often buyers are “fooled” by fakes. Use the tips provided above and then radiation will not affect your body so much!

We protect ourselves in the office and at the factory

To protect yourself from EMR in the office, it is enough to at least take into account the recommendations that we set out in the previous paragraph. In addition, you need to have neighboring computers at a distance of at least 2 meters from each other. Also, do not forget to turn off those devices that you absolutely do not use in your office (the same table lamp in the afternoon).

Protective cover for the system unit

Protective cover for the system unit

Measures to protect against radiation in the workplace are much more complex. If personnel work in a zone of increased electromagnetic or laser exposure, it is necessary to protect them with sets of special clothing and materials: dressing gowns made of cotton / coarse calico, EP5-90 glasses, radioprotective suits, etc.

Suit against radiation

In addition, attention should be paid to the shielding of rooms - the installation of absorbing or reflecting screens (as in the photo below). It is also important to take care of removing the workplace as far as possible from the radiation source. As for additional engineering and technical measures to protect against electromagnetic radiation in the workplace, these may include the installation of special screens in the form of a grid.

Shielding room

The most effective measures that protect against EMR are provided in this table:

Radiation protection measures

What else is important to know

In order to protect yourself from the electromagnetic field, we advise you not to buy summer cottages that are located near power plants, radio towers, TV towers and power lines. If you are told that the house for sale is outside the danger zone, we recommend that you call a specialist and verify this after a control measurement of radiation.

Power lines

Electric vehicles (trams, electric trains, subways) are also dangerous for the human body. Keep this in mind when choosing a new place of residence!

That's all the most effective measures of protection against electromagnetic radiation in the apartment and in the workplace. As you can see, you can protect yourself in fairly simple ways and at the same time without extra costs!

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  • Vlad

    I have a summer cottage located in the middle between two power transmission lines with an approximate voltage of 200 kV, 40 meters to each line. The official distance of the “alienation” is about 35 meters .. According to my home-made measurements, the crosstalk in a one-story cottage exceeds the usual crosstalk in the city an apartment every 8-10 .. I understand that it’s better not to go under the power line (I planted trees there .. What advise do you still need to protect the country house from electric wires 50 Hz? Metal mesh or other modern materials .. It is clear that I don’t live there and sometimes I come work or relax for a while ..

    To answer
    • Admin

      That's right, you can reduce the field strength with the help of a Faraday cage. To do this, you need a mesh with an electric contact, welded. For example, a metal grid for plaster, combine into a single cage and ground. A side effect may be the lack of cellular communications indoors.

      To answer
      • Ala

        Is it a metal mesh for plaster made of stainless steel? Is it conductive?

        To answer
  • Alexander

    I bought a one-room apartment.In front of the windows at a distance of 50 meters there is a 35 kV transmission line. Measurements with the SOEKS device show the voltage of EP-6 V / m and the induction of MP-4 nT. Balcony 5 meters across the entire width of the apartment. How to shield a balcony to reduce the electromagnetic field.

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  • Alexei

    The recommendation not to use special protective equipment seems to me unfounded. Yes, you're right, there may be fakes and other nonsense, but I use protective stickers “V. Kuleshov neutralizer” for my laptop and smartphone, which have proven effectiveness. The electromagnetic background is easy to check with a meter! I regularly work on a laptop, and often keep it on my lap, so for me this is an option that minimizes the risks. But all the other tips are very logical and applicable. Thank.

    What if I constantly work on a laptop, and often keep it on my lap?

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    • Kuleshov

      Put the “Kuleshov sticker” and “EMP” you will not be afraid .. !!

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  • Alexander

    Fact of life. On the warship where my uncle served at one time, there was some microwave equipment, I suppose that there was long-distance communication, and as soon as the generators started up, the three cats that lived on the ship literally started to go crazy, rolled around the deck, jumped over board into the water. Not people, not a dog, namely cats, I don’t know about rats and mice. This unpleasant fact, of course, did not go unnoticed, and even at that time I put the whole team into thought, and it was the 1950s. No one wanted to expose themselves to such a procedure. But there was nothing to do, on the ship there were rodents and without cats lowering, they began to close them in cabins for the duration of the session. Somehow, during long-term parking, some kind of closed research institute installed a demagnetization system for the ship’s hull, and sailors asked engineers why cats had such inappropriate behavior, what they explained to them there I don’t know, but they advised cats to hang copper chains around their necks, and that’s it, the problem has disappeared. I’m not a biologist and I don’t know what happens to the body, except that the living cell is electronegatively charged, and the potential of the transmitting generators has a positive characteristic, and so that the charge carrier in the human body ka is an ion and not an electron like in wires, but from his words I realized that this very chain somehow demagnetizes the fact that the magnetic field is trying to magnetize, or simply arranges a short circuit as a short-circuited coil, but this does not harm the ions in the body and the electrons lose the potential, in terminology as in processes, is not strong, let physicists conjure that principle. After this simple procedure, cats calmly began to endure inconvenience, but sailors also donned chains in order not to tempt fate, but in hot climates and sea water, copper quickly oxidized from sweat and salt and stained neck with oxide, so thin wires often went into business in isolation connected by a ring and soldered at the connection point. From myself, I can add that bracelets on legs and arms will not be superfluous, and it will not hurt the belt. I have been experiencing myself since 2014, the difference is obvious.

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    • Svetlana

      And what is the difference, if not secret? Can you feel it?

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  • Nataliya

    Please advise! We bought an apartment, a wall with electrical equipment for the whole house behind the wall (unfortunately, I don’t know what to call this building), is it necessary for us to protect or categorically decide to sell this apartment?

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