How to unscrew a bursting bulb from a cartridge?

If you find yourself in such a situation that the light bulb bursts and the lights go out throughout the apartment, do not panic, you can change quickly, the main thing is to know how to do it right. To the question: “Why can this happen?”, A bunch of answers: the life has expired. voltage droppoor product quality, etc. If you do not know how to unscrew a bursting bulb from a cartridge, then we will tell you some simple solutions to the problem: classic and modern. Which one to choose in your case is up to you.

So, the easiest solution to the problem is to turn off the lighting line, after which, with the help of pliers, the base is neatly grabbed and twisted out of the cartridge that remains. In general, there is nothing complicated, and such an event will not take much time. The only drawback is the high probability of damaging the cartridge, but if you do everything carefully, there will be no problems.

Round pliers

Immediately draw your attention to the fact that you will do the dismantling of the light bulb when the light is off, so you must always take a flashlight with you. If the light has disappeared, but there is nothing suitable at hand, try lighting up the phone, too high-quality lighting is not needed here!

There is another option to unscrew the light bulb that burst by itself - take a regular plastic bottle, melt the neck a little with a lighter, then insert it into the broken base for 10-15 seconds. As soon as the molten plastic hardens, gently twist the bottle counterclockwise. Such a simple life hack for an electrician certainly will not damage the cartridge and does not take much time to extract a burst of light.Bottle with a molten neck

There are many more simple options that will allow you to easily unscrew the broken incandescent lamp, which burst when turned on. For example, a potato, a lump of electrical tape (sticky side out), dry soap, newspaper, etc. can replace a broken flask. These items need to be firmly inserted inside and gently twisted counterclockwise (if anyone does not know which way to turn the bulb).Unusual use of potatoes

Visual tutorials on extracting an object:

Potato trick

We use pliers and a newspaper

Wine cork to help

By the way, in most cases, the flask breaks when removing the sticky cap that is stuck in the cartridge. So that in the future it would be possible to unscrew the sticky one without problems incandescent lampBefore connecting it, outline the base with a simple pencil (graphite will prevent subsequent boiling).

Well, now you know what to do if the bulb bursts and how to unscrew it yourself. As you can see, there is nothing difficult to extract, the main thing is not to damage the cartridge and be sure to turn off the electricity in the shield before repair work!

Useful reading:

Potato trick

We use pliers and a newspaper

Wine cork to help

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