How to find out if there is voltage in the outlet?

If you need to find out if an electric current is flowing in the outlet, and what voltage it has, then there are two ways to solve the problem: using a special tester - a multimeter, or a probe (screwdriver). Both of these measurement options will allow you to answer the question, but still a special tester with a display will show not only the presence / absence of voltage in the network, but also its value. Next, we will tell the readers of the encyclopedia. Elecroexperthow to check the voltage in the socket with a multimeter and indicator screwdriver.

Method number 1 - Using a multimeter

If you want to perform a test and at the same time find out what voltage is currently operating in the network, it is best to use a professional device. About, how to use a multimeter we told. Even a kettle in an electrician can quickly check the socket with this tester. Immediately draw your attention to the fact that the type of device (electronic or analog or, as it is also called - arrow) does not affect the measurement technology.

All that is needed is to turn on the device and set the switch to measure AC voltage. For household power, turn the rotary switch to 750 Volts. After that, three zeros will be displayed on the board and all that remains is to insert two probes into the corresponding holes, as shown in the photo below.Electricity check in the house

Do not be alarmed if you do not see the expected figure on the display - 220 Volts. GOST voltage deviation in the outlet can reach 10%, so 215, 225 or even 198 Volts for the house is normal.

The only, but very important nuance that you must take into account is that before measuring the insulation of the probes must be checked. If it is damaged, you do not need to use such a multimeter, otherwise it is possible that you will be shocked. Also be careful when choosing a tester mode. If you accidentally select a resistance measurement, the tester may fail!

Video instruction that clearly shows how to measure an alternating voltage in a 220 Volt network:

Correct check with a digital multimeter

Method №2 - Indicator to help

If you do not have a multimeter at home, which must be included in electrician tool kitthen you can use a probe, also called an indicator screwdriver. In this case, you will be able to check whether there is voltage in the outlet without a tester, but you won’t be able to find out what its value is.Phase search with a screwdriver

About, how to use an indicator screwdriver We spoke. To measure the voltage, you need to touch the penny on the probe with your finger (as shown in the photo), after which the tip is inserted into one and the other hole one by one. If the light in the handle lights up, then there is electricity in the network, and you stumbled upon a phase.

Visual video instruction:

Find out if there is electricity in the room

Method number 3 - Modern tracking

Well, the last, most convenient and effective option to check the voltage in the outlet is the use of a special monitoring relay. This type of automation is peculiar surge protection device. By installing it at home, you can not only measure the desired parameter, but also protect an individual appliance from power surges.Surge Protector in Home Network

The disadvantage of the latter method is that it is not advisable to buy a separate relay for each outlet. Therefore, we recommend putting this option of protection and control on the most valuable electrical appliances, for example, an electric stove or a refrigerator.

Now you know how to check the voltage in the socket with a multimeter and an indicator screwdriver. If something was not clear, ask a question in the comments or look at the video examples provided!

Correct check with a digital multimeter

Find out if there is electricity in the room

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  • Rose

    It seems that the probability of getting an electric shock from an indicator screwdriver is greater than through a probe. If you wear household rubber gloves before measuring, they will save you from accidental electric shock, for example, if the insulation on the probe is damaged?

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    • mrsandman

      Until you close the indicator screwdriver with your hand, it does not light up, you cannot do this with an isolated hand.

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  • Gedank

    To get an electric shock from a screwdriver-indicator - this, of course, you need to have a special gift ...

    There is a resistor inside! Well, do not want to - buy a voltage relay and put them at the entrance to the apartment (entrance to the house) and at each outlet. Expensive (from $ 10), but 100% safe. You don’t need to stick your fingers anywhere, even a housewife can handle it. Put in - and admire.

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