We assemble the simplest projector in 5 minutes

We continue to consider the most simple homemade and now we’ll talk about how to make a projector with your own hands at home. Such a homemade device will be needed in order to replace the home theater and watch personal photos or even movies on the big screen. Even a child can assemble such a projector from a cardboard box and a magnifying glass, and he will do this in no more than 5 minutes. So, we present to your attention the technology of manufacturing the simplest projector from improvised means

Step-by-step instruction

To make it clear to you how to make a projector out of the box and phone, we will consider all the steps step by step with photo examples:

  1. We prepare materials and tools for assembly: a shoe box, a 10x zoom lens, a stationery knife, a simple pencil, electrical tape, a paper clip, and of course a smartphone.Material List
  2. Cut out a window for installing a magnifying glass. A magnifying glass must be installed in the center. To center the lens on your own, we recommend drawing diagonals on the right side of the box. So you find out where the center is and then it will be easier to make an even cut. After measuring the diameter of the magnifying glass, use the compass to make a marking on which you can simply and accurately cut a hole.
    Rectangle CenterCircle the magnifierCut out a circle
  3. We fasten the magnifying glass with electrical tape to the box. You can use any other fasteners that are at hand, for example, silicone or a glue gun. You need to try to make the mount strong so that the lens does not come off or break.
    Magnifier mount
  4. We are preparing a stand for the smartphone. You can use a regular paper clip by bending it accordingly, or you can make a stand with your own hands from scraps of cardboard. The stand should fix the phone almost upright.
  5. Turn off the light in the room and test a homemade projector. You need to choose the right distance from the smartphone to the lens in the box. By experimenting with the location of the device, you can choose the most suitable angle yourself, in which a clear and bright image is projected.
    Perfect location
  6. Download the application on your phone with which you can turn the image. This is necessary because when projecting a video or picture from a phone, the image is flipped 180 degrees according to the laws of optics. Android users can install Ultimate Rotation Control, and owners of iPhones and iPads can use Video Rotate And Flip or something similar. On some phone models, it will be quite simple to turn off the "auto-rotate screen" and turn the phone upside down.Screen flip
  7. the final touch - you need to make an input in the box to charge the mobile device so that it does not discharge during viewing.
    Charger Connection

You can clearly see the entire assembly process in the video:

A simple way to make a cheap movie theater

Here, according to such instructions, you can make a projector with your own hands at home. As you can see, there’s nothing complicated and you don’t need to spend money on the purchase of materials, becausea box, electrical tape and even a magnifying glass can be found in your own workshop.

What else is important to know

If you want the image on the wall to be brighter and clearer, it is better to use not a phone, but a tablet or laptop. In this case, the magnifying glass should be larger, because the size of the screen itself is larger. In this case, we use a special type of lens - a rectangular Fresnel lens, since finding a suitable glass lens is not an easy task. You can buy such a lens on the Internet. An example of how to quickly make a projector from a laptop or tablet, you can see in the photo below:

Another important point - if a homemade device projects a not very good picture on the wall, and at the same time you have already tried to change the location of the smartphone, it means the lens. Try wiping it or replacing it with a better one if you bought a cheaper option before that. Increasing the size of the lens can also improve the picture.

In addition, I would like to draw attention to an important nuance - for a home-made home theater to show a clear picture, the brightness on a mobile device must be set to the maximum. You can improve the clarity of the projector by painting the inner walls of the box from cardboard in black, for example, spray paint or a conventional marker, you can paste it inside with black paper.

It should look like a slide show on the wall

The wall on which the slide show or video will be displayed also has its own requirements. It is best to direct the projection to a special canvas for the projector, but if this is not the case, an A1 size paper, mounted in a frame or simply on the wall using buttons, is suitable. I would also like to clarify that you can use such a home-made cinema at home only if the room is dark enough. The light will interrupt the image.

Projector Canvas

That's all I wanted to tell you about how to make a projector with your own hands at home! If you liked our ideas, do not be too lazy to share them with your friends on social networks so that they also know about the assembly technology of a home-made home theater in 5 minutes!

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    To watch the video, you do not have to look for some special program for flipping the image 180 degrees. You can make it all very simple to laugh. - Turn off “Auto-rotate screen” in the phone’s settings, and in this box, place the phone upside down. That's all…

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    Necessarily a magnifier x10? And what distance should there be between a magnifying glass and a telephone?

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