How to recalculate for electricity and what is important to know about it

Payment of bills for light is usually based on the readings of electricity meters. They must be transferred by tenants to the organization that provides them with electricity. How often does this happen - to a management company (UK) or a partnership of homeowners (HOA). Or specialists from this company during the scheduled inspections remove data from electricity meters with the subsequent signature of tenants in the appropriate journal. However, in some cases, electricity is recalculated, let's understand in more detail what it is and how to produce it.

In what cases is produced

Discrepancies between the invoice for payment and the amount of actual energy consumed may arise due to the untimely transfer of information about the amount of energy consumed. Upon receipt of real readings of electricity meters, electricity is recalculated. This is the main case of this operation.

If you do not pass the meter readings, then you are totaled a debt equal to the average energy consumption for each apartment. But when calculating costs for common needs, a problem arises - the use of the average value of the consumed electricity may be incorrect.

Recalculation for light

Suppose, if a person did not transmit the necessary information to the Criminal Code in connection with his departure, he, accordingly, did not consume electricity. After the sales organization receives real testimonies and recalculates - the surplus that was initially charged to the tenant will be transferred to the account for common house needs and will be distributed evenly among all tenants.

Important! The recalculation of electricity can lead both to the benefit of the consumer and against it. That is, if you really consumed more than you calculated, then after recalculation you will pay for real kilowatt hours, and accordingly vice versa.

Owners of shops and other non-residential premises that are in the house are recalculated in the same way. Only when the testimony is not transmitted, it is not the average values ​​for the apartments that are used, but the amount fixed in the contract.

Another reason for the recalculation may be the incorrect reading of the common house metering device (ODPU). In this case, after identifying significantly different from the usual amount in the bills, you need to contact the same organization that you pay for electricity.

Note: tenants have the right to be present when taking testimony from the ODPU. To do this, first find out the date of this procedure from the HOA or the Criminal Code.

The same situation can occur when taking readings from the apartment meter. You need to demand the re-entry of specialists and the re-reading of the actual values. Reason your rights with clause 61 of the Rules of the provided utility services, namely:

P.61 of the Rules of the provided utility services

That is, an overpayment for all discrepancies in used kW / h is used to pay off subsequent payments.

In connection with a meter malfunction, a recalculation is also made.For example, with a sharp increase or decrease in the monthly electricity consumption, if after replacing the meter the readings differ greatly from those of the old one and in other situations. Or if counter broke by itself. To achieve the recalculation of electricity, you need to write a statement to the State Housing Inspectorate in which to state the problem, for example, that there are discrepancies in the bills for payment. But the emphasis that this happened after replacing the counter is not necessary. After that, an inspection will be carried out in the UK and verification of metering devices. If you are right, you will be counted according to the tariffs for previous periods.

So, the reasons for the recalculation of electricity can be as follows:

  1. Due to lack of evidence.
  2. Non-living tenants during this period of time.
  3. If the readings were taken incorrectly.
  4. Faulty metering device.

Popular question: "Where to go and how to make a recount for electricity?". Contact the Criminal Code, Homeowners Association, Housing and Utility Service or another energy sales organization that provides you with electricity.

Nuances and useful tips

Here's what you need to know about the electricity recalculation procedure:

  1. First of all, it is worth remembering that recalculation is done according to the tariffs that were in the period under review. For example, if you have been away for more than six months, and at the time of arrival, the tariffs have changed - ask for payment for services at current rates for each of the periods.
  2. You have the right to request a certificate with the full content of the calculations on your personal account. This will help you understand where this amount came from.
  3. In order to avoid problems with the mismatch of the amounts when paying electricity bills, you must timely transmit the meter readings.
  4. Check the correctness of the removal of data from metering devices, if this is done by company specialists. They must enter the numbers in the journal and submit it to you for signature.

That's all that you should know about how to recalculate for electricity and what nuances this procedure has. If you have questions, ask them in the comments under the article. We will try to help you solve the problem!

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  • natalya

    Hello! My parents pay for the light monthly. There is no debt around the world. The receipt came that for the light for December the debt is 1052 rubles. The last testimony was filed in September. In January, she showed evidence now. And now they say that parents have a debt for light of 3500. Is it possible to write a statement on the allocation?

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  • Irina

    Hello, since 2017, the debt has accumulated 7,000 rubles from the former tenant, she rented the Room for social rent. In November, they gave me this room also for Social rent from work already hanging outside the room! I wrote to the administration of our city, there is no answer from them so that they could recalculate . Tell me where to turn, you can still with this question!

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  • Tatyana

    Hello, they refuse to recalculate for electricity where the overpayment was about 8 thousand, which leads to the reason that the meter is old. The apartment is in the municipal jurisdiction (not privatized by me) on the basis of Article 539 of the SCRF. The subscriber is a management company and the meter must be replaced by the management company. Itself did not transmit at first the managing digging took off Then the elder housewife who then stopped doing it (which I didn’t even know about) When they began to come to the limit sums began to find out it was found out that the old counter (me) that does not return the overpaid What I pensioner?

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  • Anastasia

    I bought an apartment in December 2018. There were no payment receipts for a couple of months already due to some kind of court cases between the companies.The receipt came in April, but for the previous tenants (there were 5 people registered in the apartment) and it turns out consumption is considered for all living in the apartment - the period from December 2018 was counted, I just bought an apartment. I didn’t pay for the light until August 2019, for reasons beyond my control. Only I am registered in the apartment and I live. I came to the company renewed the contract with them and asked for a recalculation. They refused me, they said, I had to go right away. Are the actions of the company legitimate? The difference in total is huge. By the way, I paid the debt of 11000 .. thanks earlier

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    • Admin

      You should have renegotiated all contracts when buying an apartment. Nobody is to blame for the fact that you did not. Most likely nothing will help you. Unless you can try to go to court in order to prove that the tenants did not live during this period and 1 person was registered. In this case, it may be possible to prove something to you

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  • Nina

    Hello! How to achieve recalculation, our organization refuses to provide it! In June of that year, the broken bills were taken at an overestimated rate for three people 2000 rubles, this year they provided certificates and replaced the bills, now 59 square meters are coming out of the meter, since the disabled person lives there. They refuse saying they do not recalculate. Where to go?

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  • Albert

    The counter went beyond the verification interval. Do I have to pay anything other than normative calculations?
    We took readings from this counter, read the recalculation. But you can’t use the testimony of this counter

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  • Lydia

    There is no private house of 30 sq. Gas. We boil -Heating-We heat-with electricity in the frost the stove with dravishki. What kind of information on the recalculation of electricity. We live in the city center. Thank.

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