How is the verification of electricity meters

In order to keep track of electricity consumption, in each apartment building, apartment, garage, special electricity meters are installed. At regular intervals, these devices must be checked. Verification of the electric meter is a mandatory procedure for monitoring the operability of the device and confirmation of its suitability for further use. The essence of this control is to compare the readings of the device with an approved standard.


Electric meters come in various models, according to which their own methods of counting control are developed. The general procedure is as follows:

  1. External examination at home. This includes a check for deformation, various damage to the case.
  2. Testing the strength of electrical insulation by direct and alternating voltage.
  3. Monitoring the correct operation of the counting mechanism in the metering device. To do this, the meter is connected for 15 minutes to a power source for heating. By the way, about how to check the electricity meter at home, we told in the corresponding article.
  4. Confirmation of absence self-propelled. An electric meter that does not have a self-propelled device (by its design) is not subject to such verification.
  5. Checking the sensitivity threshold of the device.

Calibration stand

Verification is of two types:

  • Primary It is carried out by the manufacturer before use in the work.
  • Periodic It is carried out during operation after the expiration of the verification period.

The frequency of checking electricity meters depends on the model of the device and on unforeseen situations. For example, an extraordinary inspection can be carried out in the event of a change of instrument to a new one, or in case of loss of a verification certificate by a consumer.

You can find out how the work is done at the calibration bench from this video:

Verification Dates

Any electric meter must have a certificate or passport, which indicates the date of the last inspection. In addition, the date of acquisition of the mechanism and the date of the initial and periodic review are indicated (the verification interval is indicated). The passport of the device should indicate after how many years you need to do the next verification. As a rule, the period between the review ranges from 6 to 15 years.

Electric meters at the stand

Electricity, which is considered a special sensor, must be calculated correctly. Therefore, according to the law, there is a certain period during which the counter shows the correct data. For example, for a mechanical induction device with a disk, this period is 8 years, and the current meter has a period of reliable indicators of up to 16 years. It should also be remembered that the control period depends on the model of the device.

Who pays

Electricity and its accounting are checked by the Center for Standardization of Metrology (FMC). This is a special metrology institution that has accreditation for this type of activity.

Who should plan the audit and at whose expense is it carried out? The whole process of control and accounting lies with the owner of the device. He must independently deliver the electric meter to any standardization center. Only in advance should the delivery date be agreed. Verification can be carried out earlier if the owner himself expressed a desire in this (for example, if he had suspicions about the correctness of the testimony).

The fact that the time has come for mandatory control of the electric meter is reported by Energosbyt, which sends out notifications to all consumers.

Energy Sales Representative

Verification is performed on a planned basis and is carried out by the owner of the device according to the following algorithm:

  1. After receiving the notification, the owner of the device independently removes the counter and brings it to the FMC.
  2. At the end of the procedure, an act of control arrives at the territorial point of Energosbyt.
  3. Energosbyt, in turn, certifies the permit for operation and enters the meter into the ledger.
  4. If the counter does not meet the necessary parameters, then it must be changed to a new device.

Important! The consumer has the full right to independently choose the organization that carries out the inspection. After all, it is important for him that the services provided are of high quality.

The average cost of the procedure

Electricity is consumed by every resident of the country. And according to the law, all costs that arise during the operation of the accounting mechanism (maintenance, verification, its safety and integrity, etc.) are borne by the owner of the device. And this means that the procedure is fully paid by the owner of the electric meter. This is indicated in Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 442 dated May 04, 2012, paragraph 145.

Electricity consumed by the consumer is considered a special meter. His verification is carried out by various organizations. And depending on the company, the cost will vary. Below are the prices of one of the laboratories in Moscow for 2019:

  • single-phase induction - 649 rubles;
  • single-phase electronic - 725;
  • three-phase induction - 749;
  • three-phase electronic - 820;
  • urgent procedure (5 working days) - the cost is 25% more;
  • urgent procedure (3 workdays) - the cost increases by 50%;
  • urgent procedure (1 working day) - 100% of the cost is paid.

If you test without removing the device, it will cost more, since it will be necessary to pay for the call of the master and his work. But this option is not so troublesome, since the counter does not need to be removed.

An electric meter is considered the property of the person in whose house it is installed. Therefore, the owner should keep safe all documents on it. That was all we wanted to tell you about how the meters are calibrated, what the procedure is and how much it costs!

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  • Lena

    The Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 442 dated May 04, 2012, p. 145. states that the owners of electrical equipment will bear the costs. If the meter is in the staircase, this equipment is not the property of a resident, and the energy company should do the verification and, all the more, change the meter for your account! AND DO NOT NEED TO DISINFORM PEOPLE! What you write about here probably concerns rural residents whose meter is in the house or other citizens whose meter is really in the house and is their property! Energy companies use this, you must file a lawsuit against them, and you need to clarify and write correctly as the law!

    To answer
    • Admin

      Elena, no one even says that the owner of the apartment must pay for checking the electric meter installed in the entrance. You said everything correctly, this information is more suitable for owners of private houses.Therefore, we do not misinform anyone.

      To answer
      • Elmira

        Is the meter standing at the apartment in the apartment building and counting the electricity in a single apartment the property of Mosenergosbyt? All regulations say the opposite.

        To answer
        • Sergei

          it is as documented. to the contract should be an act of demarcation of the balance sheet membership. if it is registered according to the act, for example, the owner’s counter (although it is installed in the entrance) - pay tribute, no, go in the forest or in the field ... Read the papers when you sign !!!

          To answer
          • Natalya

            And if, upon checking into an apartment (a new high-rise building), no agreement was concluded, then we are not the owners of this device? And just recently, the energy distribution company changed and again silence fell on the account of the act of transfer or acceptance into ownership, but the last payment sent a notice of the late verification period on 01.01.2017. It is interesting that the last calibration took place on January 1, generally not just on a weekend, but on a holiday after the new year. Just some kind of joke.

    • Igor

      It’s useless! Everything was transferred to the residents!

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  • Leonid
    To answer
  • Sergei

    There is a single-phase electric meter Energomera CE102, from the date of production / verification of which more than 2 years have passed.
    Passport lost. Is it possible to believe such a device and continue to use it?

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  • Dmitry

    Tell me please. There is an induction meter in the apartment, documents for it are lost, whole seals, March 12, 2015 an act was drawn up in which it was recognized as non-settlement. the landlady was not notified. At this time, a recount was made, but then came a paper asking for a certificate of inspection of the device, this meter, compiled by a representative of the managing organization. If you change the counter (act of replacement) and send it for verification (act of verification). in the act of replacement they will take readings and indicate the presence of seals, but can the verification act replace the passport? Or other ways out of this situation are possible.

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    • Olga

      From March 12, 2015, your consumed electric energy was calculated according to the standard (according to the number of registered ones), as I understand it. Now you change the counter, write a request for sealing, as they arrive, they will draw up an admission certificate. The verification procedure costs the same as a new device, so do not bother with the old one.

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  • Nina

    The landlord is dead. A few more months before entering into the inheritance, and the electricity bill says that the meter has passed the verification deadline. The apartment is located in Lyubertsy. How can I order a meter verification without documents on the device and without removal? How do I order this service in Lyubertsy?

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  • Marina

    The information says that Energosbyt reports the time of verification of the meter. I was sent a message in the mail that my counter was out of order. In a conversation with the representative of Mosenogo, they announced that the counter is already 18 years old and it only needs to be changed. I did not receive any warning about the timing of verification. I had no idea how old he was. I bought an apartment 4 years ago. Moreover, representatives regularly come and take readings. How to be in this case?

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  • Yuri

    To install a new counter, they require verification. Is this legal?

    To answer
    • Admin

      If the primary verification was more than two years ago for single-phase and more than one year for three-phase meters, then yes. In other cases, no.

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  • Chermen

    Hello. Please tell me Does the right of the power grid send the meter for verification. If the meter verification period has not yet arrived. And if all the seals on the counters are in place.

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