How to properly position the sockets in the bedroom

In modern apartments there are a lot of different household appliances. Even in the bedroom, where people relax, they install TVs, dressing tables with lighting, charge smartphones and other devices. If at the repair stage you do not provide sockets for connecting all of the above - as a result you will get a ball of extension cords. In this article we will tell you how to place the sockets in the bedroom and how many pieces are needed for this room.

How many outlets should be in the bedroom

As in any other room, the number of outlets in the bedroom is determined by the number of connected equipment. Let's remember what can be connected in the bedroom and calculate how much the average equipment is used in the modern bedroom.

TV and equipment

In addition to the TV socket in the bedroom, a game console, a speaker system, a media player, and a tuner for receiving satellite television are often connected. This is a pretty standard set these days. To connect such equipment, you need at least 2 and a maximum of 5 outlets. For our calculations, we average the numbers and we assume that we need three pieces.

TV in the bedroom


In small apartments, and most of our compatriots live in them, it is rarely possible to set aside a separate office for work, so the workplace in almost every family is located in the bedroom. What needs to be fed here? First of all, it’s a computer, if you have a laptop, 1 outlet is enough, and a stationary PC, then at least 2 for a monitor and system unit and possibly 1 more for speakers, plus for a Wi-Fi router. Also, do not forget about the table lamp. Total from 3-4 pieces.


Places for comfort and relaxation

These places include bedside tables, a makeup table with lighting and a variety of floor lamps.

Floor lamps over the bed

In total, you need to connect a makeup light and two bedside lamps to the power supply, that is, you will need to install 3 sockets.

Mirror Illumination


On the advice of professionals, we made step-by-step instructions on choosing the location of electric points in the bedroom. Do all steps before wiring and wall chipping, pencil or marker on the walls.

The first step is to consider the amount of equipment, a typical set is described above, we have about 9 outlets for it.

The second step is to divide the rooms into zones and determine how we will connect the equipment. So, to connect the TV you need to install a unit of 3 or more outlets, you can install 2 double or 3-4 single behind the TV. If it is standing on a pedestal, installation along the baseboard is possible, and if it is suspended on the wall, 130-150 centimeters right behind the TV. So you can hide wires and improve the aesthetic appearance of the room.

TV outlets

Skirting sockets

In fact, 2 electric points are actually enough for the workplace, because computer equipment is supposed to be connected through network filter. From it we will feed both the speaker system, and the router, and other related devices, and to the second we will connect a table lamp.

Connecting computer equipment to a surge protector

The installation height in this case should be slightly higher than the table. Provided that the working tables are on average 75-80 cm, then we install them at a height of 90-100 cm or under it - a height of 30-60 cm.

Outlets under the computer desk

If you have a large bedroom and there is a bedside table on each side of the bed, then we install 2 sockets near it: 1 for the lamp and 1 for charging mobile devices. If you usually charge something else besides a smartphone or often work on a laptop while lying in bed, then we will be the ideal solution to install 2 or 3 on each side near the bed at arm's length. Their correct location is 10-20 centimeters above the bedside table. They are usually low, which means the outlet will be installed at a height of about 60-80 cm.

The layout of the outlets in the bedroom

And near the makeup table or dressing table, install two sockets - one for the lamp, and the second for the hair dryer and curling iron, for example. Decide how to arrange it, based on the length of the wires. Optimum will be installation at a height of 120 cm from the floor.

The third step is to determine if there are enough places to connect the devices in the bedroom and does it seem that there are too many of them. If the sockets significantly spoil the appearance of the room, you can visually reduce the number. More precisely approach the question of where to put them. For example, if you decide to install 4 sockets near the bedside tables, see where they will look better at the top or bottom of the bed, moving some for furniture or closer to the baseboard. By the way, if you are going to iron clothes in this room, also take care of connecting the iron near a free corner or wall.

Iron Outlet

We also recommend watching a video that clearly shows where it is better to install switches and sockets in the bedroom:

For each bedroom, the correct arrangement of all interior elements is selected individually. Therefore, this article should be considered as one of the options for solving the problem. The placement of outlets in the bedroom is more dependent on the amount of equipment and habits of residents. Perhaps it will be convenient for you to place a block of dozens of points for connecting power in one row somewhere near a table or a pedestal. The design and dimensions of the room also play an important role.

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