How to get a profession electrician?

The profession of electrician was and will be in demand, because every year, electricity consumption is only increasing, and electric networks are spreading more and more on the planet. In this article we want to tell readers how to become an electrician from scratch, where to start and where to study in order to be a professional in your field.

Varieties of profession

First of all, it should be noted that an electrician can be an electrician, an electronic engineer, an electrician, an electrical engineer, a designer, an electrician, an electrical engineer, or even an energy engineer, if you take the whole. As you know, each profession has its own characteristics. To become an electrician, for a start you have to choose a suitable specialty for yourself, with which you decide in the future to connect your life well or a separate period of time.

Varieties of profession

Our advice is if you are really interested in everything related to electricity, it is better to plan ahead, choosing promising areas that are the key to scientific and technological progress. A very interesting job today is the profession of a power supply designer or auto electrician diagnostician.

Where to start training?

Today, you can become an electrician from scratch by studying at a university, technical school, college, vocational school or even at special emergency courses. This is not to say that a higher education institution is the foundation through which you can become a professional electrician. Quite a lot of specialists are generally self-taught who graduated from college to just get a crust and get a job at the enterprise.

Consider some of the most popular ways to get the profession of electrician:

  1. University Duration of training is from 4 to 5.5 years. Graduates can be engineers, as pass the most advanced theoretical and practical course. Training may be free.
  2. Technical College. Upon admission after grade 9, the course of study is from 3 to 4 years. After grade 11, students will have to study from 1.5 to 3 years. The qualification that graduates receive is a technician. There is an opportunity to learn for free.
  3. College, vocational school - training from 1 to 3 years. After graduation, you can become an electrician repairing electrical equipment. As in the two previous cases, education is free.
  4. Emergency courses - from 3 weeks to 2 months. The fastest way to become an electrician from scratch. Today, you can learn the profession even online thanks to Skype conferences and individual training. The cost of courses ranges from 10 to 17 thousand (prices for 2017).
  5. Self-training. Only suitable if you want to become an electrician at home. There are many books, paid courses, and even sites like ours. Elecroexpert, where you can learn almost everything in order to independently carry out simple wiring work. We will dwell on this method, which allows you to become a competent electrician from scratch.

We also recommend watching a video that clearly shows where to start to become an electrician at home:

First steps to learning

A few words about self-taught

If you are interested in the profession of an electrician only in order to independently carry out simple electrical installation work, then it will be enough to study all the material from books and video courses, and then perform simple connections and repairs from a small one. We have repeatedly met quite competent electricians who performed complex work without education, and we can say with confidence that they did it very professionally. At the same time, grief electricians with a higher education came across, whom the language does not dare to call engineers.

All this leads to the fact that it is possible to become an electrician at home, but still it will not hurt to consolidate the knowledge gained by taking courses. Another way to learn all the necessary skills is to ask an assistant electrician for a construction site. You can also advertise in various forums that you agree to help electricians on shabbat free of charge or for a small percentage of profits. Too many experts will not refuse help, such as "raise to the floor", stash or something else to help for a couple of hundred. You, in turn, will be able to gain experience by observing the work of the master. After a few months of such mutually beneficial work, you can start plugging in sockets, machines or even repairing fixtures yourself. And then only experience and new objects will help you become a good electrician without education.

Electrician with a colleague

Well, the last thing we recommend is to learn the basics according to our advice. To start, you can study the rubric wiring, then go to useful tips and so on in all sections. In addition to this, it will not hurt to study books, which we will also talk about and find a suitable video course. As a result, if there is a desire and you are attentive to all the tasks set, to become an electrician at home will certainly work.

So that you understand the prospects of such a profession, today there are a lot of lawyers, economists and other specialties, where mental work is more needed. But the workforce is sorely lacking in enterprises. As a result, with a great desire, you can learn and find a well-paid job if you really show yourself as a specialist. The average electrician salary for 2017 is 35,000. Given the additional part-time jobs on call and the increase in discharge, it will be easy to earn much more - from 50,000. These figures already clarify the picture, is it promising to become an electrician.

In addition to all the above, I would like to recommend several sources of information:

  1. What tool should an electrician have? - a minimum set must be present at you from the very beginning of training.
  2. Electricity and Security - a section in which we consider all the nuances and dangerous situations that you, as a beginner, should know about. Do not forget that the profession of electrician has its main drawback - the work is dangerous, because you will deal with electric shock.

That's all I wanted to tell you about where to start to become an electrician. We hope that after reading the article you will be able to decide where to study and whether it will be right to connect your life with such a profession.

First steps to learning

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  • Alexander

    The specialty of an electrician, of any category, from an electrician to an electrical engineer and designer, requires special qualities of a person. This is due to the great danger of electricity - it is invisible and does not have any properties for detection by the human senses, that is, it manifests itself completely unexpectedly - through the electrical conductivity of the environment and known conductors, wires.Therefore, a person choosing this profession should have a balanced nervous system, be naturally thoughtful, cautious, leisurely, have a good memory.
    I recall a case when an experienced setup engineer, in passing, at the request of a tester began to check the voltage in an open outlet, the probes closed due to rush and a cloud of plasma formed that seriously burned his hands and face (since the outlet at that factory was connected directly to high-current fuses) . So this specialty is akin to the flight or even space specialty.

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  • Yuri

    Knowledge of physics, especially Ohm's law, does not hurt.

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  • Pavel

    Electrician, a good profession and is always in demand!

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  • Konstantin

    Listen guys stupid question: if I put on rubber shoes and close the 220v circuit it will kill me with electric current ah? I am a student and I know that a person is a load and current flows through the conductor only when the circuit is closed and there is still grounding. But if I remove the ground, then according to the idea, the current will not go through me or is it still not ????

    To answer
    • Horor

      The question is big .... or humanities student ....
      For the wording ".. close the circuit to 220v ..." is meaningless ....
      What are you going to close with (N on L? Or just grab the phase wire with your hand?)?
      Through what will you close (with a metal object? Or through yourself?)?

      The electric gods take revenge in several ways:

      1 - a current passes through the heart ... .. a very small current is needed so that the heart "jumps" from the rhythm and stops ...
      if you take with one hand for the phase, and the second for the neutral conductor .... then the bots will have to be replaced with white slippers ... regardless of whether they are or not ...
      If you touch the phase wire with one hand, then the bots will save .... probably ... if you're lucky ...

      2 - current passes through the body .... strong current ... convulsions and mechanical damage to the giblets occur due to uncontrolled muscle convulsions .... breaks the tendon and tears off the internal organs ....

      3- the current is so large that the experimenter turns into a “Bulbulator” - thermal burns, boiling of liquids, frying of meat, charring and other horror begin ... if there are conditions for this, then bots in most cases only to calm the nerves ...

      It is better for a person asking such questions to stay away from electricity ...

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      • Sergei

        As a rule, what comes in contact most quickly begins to heat up. So, while it comes to offal — a hand or a leg, for example, will already burn off and “fall off”.

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      • Andrey 37

        So I didn’t understand ... if I get shod in rubber bast shoes and tackle the phase, will I be electrocuted?
        How can current pass if there is no grounding?

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        • Unknown

          Young man, you are a fool and do not know anything about electricity !!!
          Anyone will kill you, grounding is protection against unintentional electric shocks, and that is not a fact that will help

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  • Maxim

    I will not enter into a dispute, because I am new to this business, but one must be extremely careful with this. I have no special education. I’m generally an engineer by profession, and I took emergency courses in 2 months for an electrician. A friend arranged for himself as an assistant at his enterprise. When already more or less fumbled in this, he began to look for work. On Avito, they also offered an assistant, but to another, more developed enterprise. I agreed (it’s not for nothing that I posted the resume). While I work only 3 months, I am joining the work.

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  • Victor

    My husband is an auto electrician. Although he received a diploma in electrical engineering. I read somewhere on Avito that people need a car service. I went (did not call, did not write, but went) to ask for the opportunity to get an assistant or to somehow learn. So they took it. On the second attempt.

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  • Kuanysh

    Good day. I work as an electrician. I am engaged in electrical installation and maintenance of office premises and residential buildings. Unlearned a lawyer on the advice of relatives. Since I studied very poorly at school and at the university, a law degree is lying around at home. About 4-5 I am engaged in electrics, there are no problems and I earn not bad.

    In short, what books and textbooks do I need to read in order to become a designer? Thanks in advance.

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  • Vasurik

    Dear author forgot to describeannual TB knowledge exposure

    and what it threatens when not fulfilling


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