How to repair an electric convector?

We recently told how to repair a fan heaterthat has stopped heating or does not turn on. If in your case the problem is precisely in this type of heater, we recommend that you go to the article that we referred to. Now we’ll talk about how to fix another type of device, which is also widely used for heating in the house. So, read below how to repair the convector with your own hands if it does not work or turns on, but does not heat.

Electric heater device

So, to begin with, we will consider the design of the electric convector, so that you understand that you have to check and repair. The heater consists of a cord with a plug plugged into an outlet, an on / off button, a temperature controller and a heating element (heater). In addition, a thermal fuse can be located in the circuit, which protects during overheating, as well as a tilt sensor that will turn off the power and save you from fire when the mobile light is overturned. Also, in some models, a special sensor can be installed to protect against the penetration of foreign objects into the body.

Electric heater circuit

We figured out the design, now we move on to the basics of repairing an electric heater with our own hands.

How to repair a breakdown?

So, to make it easier for you to act, we will provide instructions step by step:

  1. Unplug the convector from the outlet.
  2. Open the temperature controller and switch.
  3. In the event that the convector does not work at all, i.e. the indicators do not even light when turned on, then check that the voltage to the terminals through the cord is suitable. Use a multimeter for this. If there is no voltage, check it at the outlet, as well as the integrity of the cable itself. About, how to check the voltage at the outlet we told in the corresponding article. If there is 220 in the outlet and there is no cord on the cores, replace the cord or find the place of damage and repair it.
  4. If the power is suitable, but the electric convector does not turn on, the next step in the repair will be to check the button. In 70% of cases, the malfunction lies in it (burn contacts). To check, first disconnect the heater from the network, then call the button with a multimeter. In the on position there should be a short circuit, in the off position there should be a large resistance, indicating a broken circuit. If in your case it’s not so, change the button or try to clean the contacts. In the video below, the convector button repair technology will be provided.Disassembled housing
  5. Next, you need to ring the thermostat with a tester. A working temperature controller should show a small or even zero resistance on the multimeter display.
  6. If the thermostat is in good condition, then you need to go further along the circuit and make sure that all the contacts are securely connected to the connectors.
  7. Having reached the heating element, you need to ring it too. Very often, the reason that the electric convector is not working is the failure of the heater. About, how to ring TEN with a multimeter, we told in the corresponding article. A failed heater cannot be repaired, it will have to be replaced.
  8. The next step in the repair will be to check the thermal fuses. Proceed similarly to paragraph 5.Fuse location
  9. Well, the last reason why the electric light can turn on, but not warm up or even stop working at all - sensor malfunctions, including rollover protection. By analogy, they need to be checked and otherwise replaced.
  10. If the circuit contains electronics (for example, an electronic thermostat, as in the photo below), it is unlikely that you can repair the electric heater yourself without the appropriate skills. In this case, we recommend that you contact the wizard for help.Electronic control

Finally, we recommend watching useful videos on the topic:

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That's all I wanted to tell you about how to repair a convector with your own hands at home. We hope that the advice provided has helped you solve the problem!

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    Good day. Please tell me the connection diagram of the convector control unit Transformer Digital Inverter Ballu BCT / EVU-M mechanical (wiring the chips). I want to connect the unit to another convector. Thanks in advance.

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    On the converter, the contact to the ten burned out on one side, can I do with soldering?

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    Good day to you! I needed help in turning on the buttons of the convector Klatronik KN - 3077, can you please tell me if you can know the switching circuit?

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