How to organize lighting in a private courtyard?

The proper organization of lighting in the courtyard of a private house is the key not only to safety, but also to the attractiveness of the site. If you want to do the lighting of the territory with your own hands, the first thing to do is to study some of the nuances associated with the choice of street lights, as well as the option of courtyard lighting. Further, we will provide you with some practical tips for taking photo ideas on street lighting at home.

Determine the purpose of the lights

The first step is to decide why you want to put light into the courtyard of a private house. Lighting of the territory of the site can be decorative, security, functional or even festive.

Cozy modern courtyard

The most important is the functional lighting, which is responsible for the safety of movement around the yard. This category may include garden path lighting, steps and porch. Most often, owners of private houses light such objects with short-legged lamps that complement the landscape design of the site in the daytime and effectively fulfill their function at night. To save money on courtyard lighting, it is also recommended to use solar-powered lamps (in the last photo):

The next, no less important option for lighting the courtyard of a private house is security lighting. In this case, lights on poles are used, aimed at the perimeter of the entire plot, parking and front door. In order to save on electricity and understand in time that there is an outsider at your site, it is recommended to use LED floodlights with a motion sensor. Such luminaires turn on the light only when movement occurs in the sensor detection area. You can see the security courtyard lighting of a residential building in the following photo examples:

As for the decorative illumination of the yard, it is used just to emphasize the most important objects of the garden. The original solution will be the installation of lamps in ponds, recreation areas, inside fountains and garden sculptures. In this case, special requirements are not imposed on the lamps, the main thing is that they do not contradict the general landscape design and balance all the elements of the courtyard.

The festive lighting of the courtyard, as well as the decorative one, consists in decorating the trees in the garden, residential building, fencing and garden buildings. The most popular fixtures in this case are street garlands and pendant lights. Most often, this lighting option is used for birthday and New Year, when you need to make a thematic atmosphere. The best ideas for decorating the yard for the holiday are provided below:

We also recommend watching a video that displays even more ideas on the use of street lights:

The best garden lighting options

Choosing the right fixtures

To make safe and durable lighting in a private courtyard with your own hands, you need to pay special attention to lamps. Firstly, they must be outdoor - dustproof and waterproof. Secondly, they should be economical - to consume as little electricity as possible and at the same time to illuminate the yard territory well. We recommend that you choose projectors with LED lamps, which are several times more economical than other light sources. A good solution would be to use motion sensors and a photo relay. You can also separately buy a suitable flashlight and already connect the twilight switch.

LED floodlight with motion sensor

The rest of the fixtures are selected by design and, of course, cost. The video tells about which lamps you can choose to illuminate the yard:

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Electric installation work

We have already considered with you how to organize DIY lighting in the country, where they dwell in detail on the important points of the wiring. In order to independently conduct light into the yard, we recommend that you consider the following practical tips:

  1. Before equipping the courtyard territory, be sure to plan the layout of the fixtures and the route for laying wires to each of them. It is better to immediately lead the cable to the connection points, so as not to tear the decorated garden and do double work.
  2. Posting is best done in the soil so that it does not spoil the design of the site. About, how to lay the cable underground we told in the corresponding article. The only thing we can add is that under water and flower beds it is recommended to lay the cable at a depth of 1 meter, and not 80 cm.
  3. Light switches are best installed in the corridor so that they are not affected by bad weather conditions, and the control of outdoor lighting is convenient.

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  • Olga Frolova

    This year, the construction of a summer house was completed, and next year we will be engaged in landscaping. This information has been very helpful. I am more inclined to surface streetlights of modern design, in the form of white balls. Now I know how to route the cable underground to be safe and beautiful.

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  • Alexander

    Hello, I wanted to ask about the lighting of the courtyard how to safely do this, do you need a step-down transformer or use an RCD or can you just bring 220 and all this will be fine

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