How to punish neighbors for the theft of electricity?

Theft of electricity is a fairly popular situation both in the private sector and in apartment buildings. The problem is that with theft anyway someone will be responsible for this: either the bills will increase with bona fide neighbors, or someone will be shocked in one of the situations. If you suspect the theft of electricity, you need to contact the appropriate authorities in order to punish the tricks, and most importantly - sometimes correct an insecure connection. Next, we will tell you what to do if the neighbors steal electricity and where to turn for help in this case!

Methods for determining theft

So, if you are at least a little versed in electrics and know what wiring is, then first you need to make sure that the theft of electricity is still present. Otherwise, the problem will turn out to be different, for example, in the self-propelled gun of your meter, as a result of which relations with neighbors can unreasonably deteriorate. Understand that someone is stealing electricity in an apartment building or private house by the following method:

  1. Check the connection of the meter to the network, as well as the integrity of the seals. If you see that, for example, extra wires to the apartment go to the meter, or the wiring goes around the meter, or the phase and zero are reversed, it means that the neighbors steal electricity. Right single-phase meter connection diagram to the mains is as follows:Single phase electric meter circuit
  2. Check if the light works when the circuit breakers in the switch are off. If there is such an opportunity, try turning off the machines and after that check the voltage in all outlets, as well as turn on all the lights. If the light comes on in some room or it turns out that there is power in the outlet, then the theft of electricity occurs, maybe even you have it. The fact is that in old prefabricated houses in adjacent rooms, outlets were installed between the apartments in a through hole. A tricky neighbor could plug into your outlet and steal electricity that you would pay for. That's it. Therefore, if you think that a roommate is stealing electricity from you, you must audit the wiring: Check all junction boxes and sockets so that there are no unnecessary connections.Through gate
  3. Check the condition of the radiators. A very popular way to unwind the meter is to ground through the risers of the battery. In this case, this will not be displayed on the readings of your electric meter, but there will be a more serious threat - the possibility of electric shock. If you electric shock in the bathroommost likely, they unwind electricity one floor higher or lower. If possible, check the condition of the batteries in these neighbors. To ground on the riser, it is necessary to clean the paint from it to metal. Now, if you find such a place, they most likely steal electricity through it.You can also use an indicator screwdriver to check if there is voltage on your battery to make sure that there is a problem.Grounding the heating battery photo
  4. In the private sector, they often use a method of theft from the state, such as a dash on wires. It looks like in the photo below, so it will not be difficult to determine theft:Illegal site connection
  5. Another way to calculate is to turn off all electrical appliances in the house from the outlet, and also turn off the lights. If at the same time the meter will wind, then something is wrong and you need to call an electrician to find the problem.Kilowatt count

These are all the simplest ways to find out that your neighbors are stealing electricity. There is another theft method - connecting a powerful transformer, but only specialists steal electricity, so you are unlikely to be able to catch an attacker in hot pursuit.

Where to go for help?

If you managed to find out that someone is engaged in theft, then the first thing we recommend is to solve this problem using conversation, as to prove the fact of theft is quite difficult. The same connection to your outlet can be decided by the fact that the attackers will dump the blame on the previous owners of the apartment or on another private electrician who allegedly was repairing the wiring and could mess up something. However, if you call an electrician and he really detects the theft, you need to proceed as follows:

  1. Write a statement to the management company so that it periodically performs checks.
  2. Contact energy sales.
  3. Upon arrival of a specialist who will check the fact of theft, draw up an act, as well as photograph the evidence in the presence of witnesses and collect signatures from them (it will not hurt, although it does not always help).
  4. Contact the court and the prosecutor.

By the way, electricians detect the theft of electricity not only by visual inspection, but also by special devices, such as “Search” or “Stork”.

What will be the fine?

That's all I wanted to tell you about how to find out that neighbors are stealing electricity and what to do in this case. Remember that as a result of someone’s manipulations you may become a victim of electric shock or you will simply overpay, because theft at the common house level in an apartment building will increase the fee for common house needs. Total, the stolen 400 kW will be divided between all neighbors.

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  • Anton

    Everything is very nice, but what about the option of stealing electricity in another way. For example, the neighbors from above removed the floors to concrete for some reason, the maximum audibility, sometimes drilled, cracks went on the ceiling and after all the chandelier began to glow “waves” sometimes brighter it’s off the beaten track. I haven’t heard such thefts on the Internet. Yes, and with the stove, it’s not so simple. The wiring, as I understand it, goes right along the wall, from neighbor to neighbor, it’s strange that sometimes it glows instantly, and sometimes burners barely furrychat

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    • Sergey Shesterikov

      And I also have this and no one cares about that !!!

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  • Victor

    Under the second point, I didn’t understand anything, well, he plugged into your outlet, well, you turned off the voltage, with what fright should the lights come on in your apartment with the machines turned off? Some kind of nonsense, at most, what was included in this outlet will stop working with a neighbor.

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  • Olga

    But what if the neighbor, when connecting the electric boiler, joined my zero, and he and I considered electricity, only he paid for his own, and I paid for him. She doesn’t want to give money for good, but I don’t know if it makes sense to apply to the court. The fact of incorrect connection is fixed.

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  • Kat

    Good afternoon! I have another question! The meter is in my apartment and it is electronic, can the neighbors connect to it ?! if I turn it off, of course, he won’t “wind up” ... But lately, we’ve been paying not 800r but 1200 and nightly readings are not small .. (we have divided the electricity into daytime and nighttime in the meter and bills)

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