What is the degree of IP protection?

What is the degree of IP protection?

Decipherment of degree of protection IP in accordance with GOST 14254-2015. How is IP decrypted on luminaires and electrical equipment? Table of values ​​of degrees of protection.

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Electric current makes human life simpler and more comfortable, but at the same time it is a great danger. Every novice electrician must be sure to know the safety measures when electrical work at home. In this section, we consider how to independently identify typical wiring malfunctions and eliminate them.

The main dangerous situations associated with electricity in the house are: the presence of two phases in the outlet, a broken wire in the network, the occurrence of a short circuit, etc. Thanks to our helpful tips, you can repair wiring in a timely and safe manner with minimum set of tools for an electrician.

We recommend that you carefully read all the articles provided, as well as view the video tutorials that are in each entry. This will ensure safety when working and handling electricity in the home.

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