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Students who take a TOE course or practicing engineers must know one way or another how to calculate the electrical circuit. This is a simple but painstaking process that requires increased care, because you need to consider many formulas, signs and dimensions. In addition, the calculation method depends on the type of current, the presence of non-linear elements or reactive powers. Let's look at what you need for independent calculations, as well as how to perform the calculation of the electric circuit using an online calculator.

In the simplest case, the result of the calculation is the calculation of the electric power and its coefficient (cos Ф). However, sometimes it is necessary to know the equivalent resistance of load elements, you can get these data online using our calculator, when the voltage is known:

Voltage (V)
Current (A)

Resistance (Ohm)
Power, W)

Consider how to calculate the electrical circuit. First you need to remember the laws or Kirchhoff rules:

  1. The sum of the currents in the node of the circuit is zero. In simple words - how much electricity came in, so much came out through the junction point of several branches.
  2. The sum of the EMF is equal to the sum of the voltage drops in the closed loop.

In addition, we need Ohm's law, basic information about working with complex numbers, the concepts of active and reactive resistance and power. Complex numbers in the theoretical foundations of electrical engineering occupy a significant place in many problems, and if there are no specialized calculators, then working with them is very difficult.

It is also useful to know that the operation of any electrical circuit can be represented in the form of a vector diagram, then the angles of deviation of currents and voltages depend on the type of load. With resistive, they are directed in one direction, and with inductive, capacitive or mixed, they are deviated from each other. The deviation angle is used in calculating power factors.

We hope the online calculator for calculating the electrical circuit was useful to you! If you have questions, ask them in the comments under the article.

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