Save on electricity in 2017 - 10 legal ways

A rise in utility prices causes significant damage to the family budget. However, you will not refuse to pay the same for heating during the heating season, when the windows are winter, or for garbage disposal in the yard. It is clear that we are not talking about water and electricity at all, since without them it is difficult to imagine a full-fledged life. If you want to learn how to save electricity in an apartment and a private house, then read the article below, where we suggest that you familiarize yourself with those simple ways of saving, the use of which is quite legal and legal.

Use LED bulbs

Ilyich’s bulb is gradually becoming obsolete, giving way to LED lampsthat will save you about 170 kWh per year. Of course, you may be frightened by the prospect of changing all ordinary bulbs to LEDs, because paying for them will have to be much more expensive. However, the working life of the latter is 6-8 times longer, and the amount of electricity consumed is 12.5 times less, as can be seen in the statistics below:
How to save electricity on lighting

Interested in this method? Then we recommend that you study the articles:

Do not light empty spaces

This rule is more than elementary: to save electricity, turn off the light if you do not need it now! In the afternoon, try to take advantage of daylight, and in the evening or at night, moving to other rooms, do not forget to press the switch button. These simple rules will help you pay for light 2 times less, because according to statistics, about a third of the consumed electricity goes to lighting empty space.

Prefer chandelier fixtures

According to experts, it is more practical to use spot lighting, avoiding bright light. Spot lighting is feasible due to the use of lamps that consume significantly less energy than a chandelier, which will reduce electricity consumption at home.

Outdoor Spotlights The arrangement of table lamps, sconces, floor lamps in the most important parts of the apartment will help to create a cozy atmosphere due to the dim light, and save on electricity. However, one should not completely abandon the lighting provided by the chandelier. Just replace the bright lamps with those of lower power. Do the same with bathroom lighting and in the hallway.

Daylight benefits

This recommendation will seem to the reader the most problematic in execution, since it requires him to change the usual mode.The bottom line is: goes to bed earlier, and stay awake at night less so as not to pay for electricity in the dark. Yes, in the afternoon there is also a lack of light. What depends on mother nature, of course, we cannot change, but getting rid of tall house plants standing on window sills, washing glasses, choosing wallpaper for lighter colors will help you get the most out of daylight, and thereby constantly save electricity in an apartment or private house.

Give up some things

Do not abuse the use of an electric kettle, replace it with a better nickel-plated one. Think about whether to pay for the purchase of a multicooker if you have a gas stove. There is a whole list of household appliances that spend a lot of electricity, but are not very applicable in household chores. Using a cheaper source of heating - gas, you can save on electricity bills.

Effective savings

Use technique less often

Using a washing machine can be much more effective if, with each wash, fully load its drum and turn it on less often. Instead of turning on a half-empty machine, it’s better to type more things. This approach will reduce the use of technology from two to three times a week to one, which will allow you to pay less for light. In addition, make sure that the bag-dust collector is not overfilled in the vacuum cleaner, because in such cases the vacuum cleaner consumes more electricity. Also, do not constantly use the iron at maximum temperatures. The property of the device to keep heat for a long time allows ironing, even when disconnected from the network, which will save a little on electricity.

Choose technology for specific energy efficiency classes

Modern technology is not in all cases excessively energy-intensive. Some models of household appliances are designed to consume less electricity. It turns out that televisions and refrigerators of older models consume more than modern models.

Energy classes for household appliances

Note! When choosing new electrical appliances, take an interest in forums or at sellers to which class of energy efficiency they belong. When we told how to choose a refrigerator for home, this question has been considered in more detail!

Cons of the “standby” mode

Leaving your computer, TV in “standby” mode, you still continue to consume electricity, for which you will then have to pay extra money for light. For a short while moving away from the computer, do not forget to turn off the speakers and monitor. When the mobile phone or other devices are fully charged, remove the charger itself, in addition to the charged device, since it still continues to work, although to a lesser extent.

Pay attention to the counter

The meter also has a fantastic role in reducing electricity costs. A two- or 3-tariff meter will help to distribute the standard according to the zones of the day in accordance with consumption. For example, at night, electricity costs less, but the counter of the single-rate model does not take this into account. Two-tariff, three-tariff models are suitable for those who actively use household appliances at night and want to pay profitably for this, or rather save. About all advantages and disadvantages of dual tariff meters we talked in the corresponding article!

Types of electric meters photo

Implement the Smart Home system

All kinds of motion sensors, smart lamps, Wi-Fi sockets, solar-powered lamps, photorelay and other devices that are part of the Smart Home system, can effectively save energy and thereby pay several times less for light. The essence of the system is that the control of lighting, heating and electricity is carried out using special programs. The schedule for the operation of electrical appliances, lighting systems, heating is set, so that the equipment turns on and off only at the right time when you are at home (or an hour or two before).The Smart Home system is quite popular in 2017 and many owners are already introducing it gradually in their cottages.

Smart House

Finally, we recommend watching useful videos that demonstrate simple ways to save energy:

So, in this article we told you how to save electricity in an apartment and a private house. Summing up, I would like to note that you can reduce electricity consumption due to the rational use of technology, using devices of certain energy efficiency classes, as well as installing special multi-tariff meters that allow you to consume less electricity at night.

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  • Darya

    Does the UK lawfully charge for heating year-round? In other regions in cities, tenants and apartment owners are resting on heating payments in the spring and summer, but we have endless payments. For what we pay in the summer if there is no hot water, there is no heating. In the housing and communal services they lie without batting an eye that everything is scattered throughout the year. Where would such numbers come from. And why should we feed them?

    To answer
    • Sergei

      You will be told that a fee is charged for maintenance. work in the summer. Ask for clarification in the Criminal Code and if this does not satisfy you, write first to Rospotrebnadzor, then to the prosecutor's office of the district of residence.

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  • Max

    It all depends on the greed and arrogance of the Criminal Code. For example, let’s say, From all they take at the same rate the whole season, regardless of whether it’s warm at home or cold. And they do not care that they scare the prosecutor. Everything is tied up for a long time. And in the neighboring city, on every MCD there is a calorimeter counter, and the cost is only made up of the readings of the energy spent. For example, in a cold winter, the maximum payment, and in the spring or autumn at a minimum. It’s necessary to understand. And not just one person but a crowd. And then in the region all insolent fatties from the Criminal Code

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  • Smirnov Valery

    install a time relay on the refrigerator 15 minutes after 15 external to the outlet

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  • Oleg

    LED lamps burn out as quickly as incandescent lamps, they are pre-"programmed" for failure after 1-2 years of operation. About a few years we are not talking))) this is a hoax

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    • Ivan

      lamps pay for themselves in the first year, the second is saving

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    • Michael

      You just don’t have to buy the cheapest LED lamps, they really serve little, not to mention ripples. In 2019, prices became noticeably lower, but even 2-3 years ago in my apartment I changed all the lamps to LED (before that there were energy-saving ones that constantly burn out) and the meter showed the difference in consumption in the first month. Since then, there has been a net saving; lamps have long paid for themselves.

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  • decision

    The solution is how to save electricity on lighting. first buy a household wattmeter, it is with this device that you will check how much energy your appliance consumes. the second is to buy more economical lighting devices, so far I only know LED lamps. third, make the driver itself which will give even greater energy savings and increase the life of your appliance
    if you feed your lighting appliance through it.

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