Making lights for indoor flowers

Additional light for flowers and indoor plants is the success and guarantee of their long flowering. So that your flowers receive a sufficient amount of light, it is recommended to build special racks for them and equip them with suitable lamps. To do this at home is not at all difficult, the simple ideas presented below will let you understand how to make lighting for flowers in the apartment yourself.

What is it for?

Before you begin to work, you should remember that not all flowers love a lot of light. But the backlight has the following advantages:

  • allows you to fully illuminate the flowers, so that they will grow evenly, without stretching and modifying;
  • allows the plant to develop properly into an adult;
  • prolongs daylight hours.

The main feature of additional light is its approximation to the natural and natural spectrum of the sun.

Where to begin?

Plants should be placed in the apartment so that they have enough light, if there are few such places, then use special lamps. About, which lamps to choose for plants, we told in a separate article. Do-it-yourself flower illumination is very simple, for this you need:

  1. Prepare a place where there will be flowers and lights. This can be done in several places. For example, on a windowsill, on a window, on a stand, or on a shelf.
  2. Design fasteners for lighting elements.
  3. Carry out wiring to the fixtures to connect them to the electrical network.

Choosing lights

The most important step is the selection of lighting fixtures. To illuminate the home flora in the room, you must carefully choose the lamp. For indoor plants, the most acceptable is visible light (daylight spectrum). Its location on the scale is indicated in the picture below:

Light range

Located between ultraviolet and infrared radiation. Lamps are capable of creating such light that is close to natural light.

LED backlight is very popular. LEDs are materials that in the modern world have been actively used not only in production, but also in everyday life. The LED strip will look good on the shelves, and it will not heat the air and can illuminate a large area.

The advantages of LED strips and lamps for highlighting colors include:

  • creating the ideal lighting for plants that combines two important spectra at once - blue and red;
  • LED lamp provides enough light for lighting and plant growth, while consuming a small amount of electricity;
  • the cost of LEDs pays off in a short time;
  • LED products are light and easy to install, and also does not require special knowledge in operation.

Flowers on the windowsill

The use of a lamp requires the purchase of a special lighting device into which it will be screwed.With LED strip, everything is much simpler: it attaches to any furniture where flowers are located or to the wall itself, thanks to the adhesive base.

In order to make a lamp for lighting flowers in the apartment there is no need to have certain knowledge or skills. It can be made easily using the following elements:

  • LEDs (preferably blue and red glow, which flowers love);
  • thermal paste or hot melt, the second option will cost more;
  • the basis for the product, any material that is at hand can serve as the basis: a profile from furniture, a ruler or a piece of aluminum;
  • to stabilize the current and ensure the necessary voltage, you need a power supply or driver;
  • cord, switch and plug.

In order for the flowers to be illuminated optimally correctly, it is recommended that the LEDs be alternated as follows: 2 red and one blue, as shown in the photo below:

LED color for plants

Do it yourself as follows: using soldering connect them to the driver, and it, in turn, connect it to the plug and switch. The backlight is fixed to the surface thanks to double adhesive tape or bolts, if required by the design. Then it connects in one chain with the power supply (or driver), cord, switch and completes the plug circuit.

We make a rack

To make a rack for lighting flowers at home can be quickly and easily and at the same time save on space for plants by placing them in several tiers. To assemble the rack you will need either a wooden beam or a metal corner. For fastening, bolts and screws are used. An example of a good home-made rack:

Illumination of indoor plants

Dimensions of the design will depend on what flowers will be there and in which place it will stand (if the room is not very large, then the huge shelving will look irrelevant and absurd, and will only crush with its presence). It is recommended to do no more than three rows. Each shelf and each row is illuminated by its own lamp, which is located above the plant.

After watching the video data, you can draw a few simple ideas for yourself how to make lamps and a rack for lighting flowers:

That's all that we wanted to tell you about this issue. We hope that now you know how to make lighting for flowers in the apartment with your own hands!

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