What is an ASKUE system

Accounting for the consumption of both electric and any other energy requires accuracy, efficiency and a certain degree of automation, due to which the convenience of using energy resources is created. For a qualitative increase in the level of control over consumption and accounting for electricity, there is a special automated system, which will be discussed later. In this article we will consider the device, purpose, principle of operation and installation procedure of ASKUE.

What it is

Automated system for commercial accounting of electricity - this is how the decoding of the abbreviation ASKUE looks like. Its use in an apartment building makes it possible take readings of electric meters from each apartment and bring them through the communication lines, which are protected by encoding, to the server for their subsequent processing. With the help of ASKUE, it is possible to make decisions as quickly as possible and at any time interval on changing the operating mode of electrical equipment, carry out operational calculations of the consumed electricity, and quickly monitor the balance.

Automated electricity metering

We can say that the installation of the system will be convenient at facilities where multiple points of electricity consumption are scattered in different places and combined into one network. An example of such objects are garage cooperatives, an apartment building already considered, various types of settlements, whether it is a cottage or a cottage. In addition to the domestic sphere, it is impossible to imagine industrial and transport enterprises, ports and railways, transshipment terminals and airports without an ASKUE system.

Speaking specifically about the collection of testimonies, the connection of the automated metering and control system provides the ability to accurately and timely collect data from all meters separately, minimizes the likelihood of errors in manually rewriting the testimony, and it is not necessary to provide a set of employees involved in the collection and correct processing of meter readings.

What is automated accounting for?

The purpose of the automated system is to collect data on the amount of consumed or released electric energy for a certain period of time, process the information received, make forecasts and analyze consumption, make calculations for the volumes of electricity provided. Based on this, the principle of operation of ASKUE includes the following main stages:

  1. Collection of data on consumed electricity from the consumer.
  2. Data transmission through a communication channel that is encoded.
  3. Processing and analysis of information on computers.

What the system consists of

It is advisable to consider the structure of ASKUE, breaking it mentally into certain blocks. There will be three such blocks. This is the generally accepted and most common layout that forms the basis of the system.

Block No. 1 includes energy meters, which are electronic or induction electric meters. They are installed at the consumer.If a new type of meter is installed (electronic), then information is collected through the built-in special communication port. At the moment, most of the manufactured metering devices are equipped with an interface for inclusion in ASKUE. If the counter is an old model, that is, an induction one, then a reader is used and data is transmitted directly from this sensor.

Block No. 2 performs the function of communication. Indications collected by the first unit from consumers must be transmitted and reliably protected from unauthorized access. It is possible to perform this function by installing the following communication lines:

  • mobile communication of various standards GPRS, 3G or wi-fi;
  • telephone communication lines;
  • transmission via the Internet;
  • the totality of all the ways for the best operation of the system.

Block No. 3 is a collection of modern specialized means of computer processing the obtained data. With its help, meter readings will be collected, processed and analyzed. Technically, it consists of a server or computer with installed software that will optimally configure all parts of the system.

If you visualize the system, it will look like the diagram below:


Another figure shows a scheme of an automated energy metering system for a multi-storey building:

Modern electricity metering

Installation of ASKUE

Designing is the very first stage of the system implementation; further successful installation and connection of the automated process control system for energy management depend on its implementation. The design process takes into account such features of the object as the resources that will be recorded, as well as the volume of production of the enterprise. Based on the calculations, the number and type of equipment used during the installation of the system can change and there is time to select the necessary devices that will meet the requirements.

Installation - follows the conduct of settlement and design work. This phase includes:

  1. Installation of the necessary equipment - metering devices, modems, servers, computers.
  2. Laying and installation of cable lines.
  3. Connection of equipment.
  4. Adjustment of equipment.

Electrical panel photo

The installation and connection of ASKUE is carried out by contractors. They can perform such activities:

  • site study, equipment selection and design documentation;
  • coordination in the bodies of Energosbyt, installation and commissioning;
  • adjustment of computer software, consultations, warranty service of equipment.

If you encounter problems, malfunctions and malfunctions in the system, you can contact any contractor who specializes in building these systems.

The installation of the ASKUE system is carried out in accordance with the clear requirements and wishes of the customer, taking into account also the specific data of the facility. Of great importance is not only the design and installation stage, but also the system setup. Therefore, it is extremely important to set the correct operation parameters, as well as reliably connect via the communication channel that is selected by the customer. It is from these factors that all subsequent functioning of the system will depend.

Finally, we recommend that you watch the video, which clearly shows how to connect the ASKUE:

Connection Order

So we examined the device, purpose and principle of operation of ASKUE. If you have questions, ask them in the comments or on our forum for electricians.

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