What is an electric heat accumulator and what is its advantage?

As you know, premises and residential buildings are heated using a gas heating system. But today, electric heating has become very popular. It has its advantages and disadvantages. This type of heating is considered very expensive, but safer and environmentally friendly. Since electricity tariffs are usually cheaper at night (if you install a two-tariff electricity meter), many consumers, in order to save, carry out all energy-intensive processes (for example, washing or electric heating) at night. Not so long ago, a device called an electric heat storage device (heat accumulator) appeared on the market. Next, we will tell the readers of the site electrician ru what is an electric heat accumulator, how does it work and what is it used for.


An electric heat accumulator is a special automatic device, the purpose of which is to heat a room. It belongs to the battery type. The device is able to control the process of accumulating and then transferring heat. Its principle of operation is that the device is connected to power for heating at a time when electricity costs less. The heat that has accumulated is stored, as in a thermos. As needed, heat transfer occurs.

As for the design, the electric heat accumulator consists of structural elements. A more detailed diagram of the device and the composition of the elements is shown in the figure:

Heat storage design

Principle of operation

A full cycle of electrical equipment consists of one day. The electric heat accumulator operates in two modes:

  1. Charge or heat buildup. The launch of this mode occurs at night, since it is then that electricity is cheaper. Heat accumulates and is stored in special heat-accumulating blocks. Their degree of heating is regulated using a pressure gauge thermostat. Also in the design there is a bimetallic thermal fuse that protects against overheating, and thanks to the heat-insulating plates, the drive does not lose the acquired heat.
  2. Discharge or heat transfer. This process takes place as needed. The principle of operation of this mode is as follows: in each room on the thermostat, the required temperature value is set. As soon as it decreases, a fan is connected, with the help of which air enters the special channels of each room. The fan is located between the heat storage units. And as soon as air passes through the channels, it heats up and goes back into the room. Using a bimetallic sensor, you can control the heating of the air and prevent it from heating up very much. This is done with a special shutter. And when its position changes, then cold air from the room joins the heated air.As soon as the temperature in the room reaches the set degree, the fan automatically turns off.

The figure below shows the scheme in which the heat accumulator is used:

Scheme of work


Electric heat storage has several advantages. The main advantages of the equipment include:

  • Reliability. The heat accumulator does not require special and special care, so it can last up to thirty years.
  • Profitability. Since the system operates on automatic control, the payment for electricity is significantly reduced (for 1 kW of consumed electric energy, the payment is reduced by 4 times). Also, during the peak of electricity consumption, the device does not load the system.
  • Fire safety. Since the outer shell of the heat carrier practically does not heat up, it significantly reduces the risk of fire.
  • Universality. There are many models of the device that differ in power. Thanks to this, it is possible to use it to heat a room of any size. It can also be used as an additional source of heating.
  • Modernity. Since the electric heat accumulator was constructed from modern materials and technologies, it is considered a promising mechanism in Europe for space heating. In addition, it has a seductive design.
  • Not hazardous to health. Since the elements that heat up do not have contact with air, this does not lead to the combustion of oxygen in the room.

Application area

In order to heat a living room with the help of a device such as an electric heat accumulator, heating systems are used. They differ among themselves depending on what area and how many rooms need to be heated. The mechanism may consist of the following elements:

  • from one or more room thermostats;
  • from one or more heat stores;
  • Control block;
  • weather sensor;
  • electric meter (can be both single-rate and multi-rate).

Wiring diagram

Despite the fact that an electric heat storage device has a high cost, it is very popular because it quickly pays for itself. In addition, the drive is convenient and high-quality in operation.

We also recommend that you watch a video that demonstrates an example of the use of an electric heat accumulator:

So we examined the device, purpose and principle of operation of the electric heat accumulator. We hope the information provided was interesting and useful for you!

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