What is the color temperature of LED lamps?

One of the parameters that can characterize the color shade and its quality is the color temperature of LED lamps. This parameter partially characterizes the brightness level of the lighting device. At choosing LED bulbs you need to look at what color temperature. After all, if the LED light is not selected correctly, this will lead to a lack of comfort in the room. Next, we will deal with the readers of the site.https://my.electricianexp.com/en how to choose this indicator.

Color temperature range

The color temperature previously had no significant significance, since an incandescent lamp was used, in which this parameter was standard. As soon as a diode lamp or a ribbon of LEDs appeared, the color scheme expanded and choosing the right LED light became more difficult, since its shade is due to the material of the semiconductor. The table below indicates the range of the characteristic in question (in Kelvin):

Value range

There are three ranges:

  • warm white lighting (2700 - 3200);
  • natural, daytime (3500 - 6000);
  • cold (from 6000).

Different color example

How to choose the right glow for the street or for the house? For the office, the most acceptable is a lamp whose color temperature is in the range from 2800 to 6600 K. For example, an incandescent lamp belongs to the first group. Such lighting in the interior gives comfort and coziness. For work, the optimal will be natural daylight.

Optimal rate


For operation, it is recommended to use LED light, which is in the range from 4400 to 5600 K. This means that the bulb should be white or neutral in color. Due to this, the performance of employees will be maximum. Below is a table, thanks to which you can select the optimal value:

Temperature table

Scope of various color of temperature

What is the effect of color change? If the color temperature is different (yellow, blue or orange), then the working capacity and, as a result, the productivity of employees decreases. If the LED light has an orange tint, then the performance drops to 80%.

Important! Why is a neutral or white lamp more suitable for use? Because it contains a blue spectrum, which helps to accelerate the reaction and concentration in the daytime.

For office premises and for production, such an LED light will be the most optimal, since it is precisely it that increases productivity and efficiency.

Living room

But what is the best way to choose the color temperature of LED lamps for a house or apartment? For example, a light bulb that has a blue spectrum is not used in sleeping rooms (nursery or bedroom). In a residential building or apartment, the color temperature is selected individually for each room.

So the lighting temperature for the living room or bedroom is selected taking into account that the LED lamp illuminates in the warm white color range (2700 - 3200 K). The glow of this level gives the room coziness and comfort.

Living Room Lighting Comparison

The bathroom uses a fluorescent and white lamp (4000 - 5000 K). For the kitchen, such a bulb is also suitable. This radiation spectrum is suitable for a home office or reading place, and can also be used as aquarium lighting or shelving for plants.

What else is important to know?

The light intensity depends on several values, but there is no direct relationship between the spectrum and the degree of brightness. But this value, although not considered key, nevertheless establishes the effectiveness of the glow. For example, a lamp that has the same power but a different emission spectrum provides different luminous intensities.

The reason for this is very simple: a light bulb in which the LED light is located in the range of high values ​​from 6000 K (cold shades) makes it possible to find the brightest lighting. But this works if parameters such as power level and diode type are equivalent.

Do not forget about the natural process of lowering the glow intensity (turbidity of crystals). This is the so-called degradation, when after a certain time, lighting devices become weaker and less effective. In order for the light source to work longer, it is necessary to purchase products of proven brands. ABOUT top LED lamp manufacturers We talked in a separate article.

Based on this, we can conclude that the color temperature of LED lamps is considered one of the main indicators in modern lighting. If you do not take it into account, the lighting system will be inefficient and unpleasant.

If the room is used for various purposes, then there are separate recommendations with which you can choose the most optimal lighting option. For example, it is better to equip the living room, bedroom and children's room with sources that will emit warm light.

Finally, we recommend watching a video that clearly shows how the kitchen looks when using LED bulbs of different color temperatures:

So we examined what the color temperature of LED lamps means and which is better for home, apartment or office. We hope that the provided tables and tips helped you decide on the most optimal characteristics!

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