Comparison of fan heaters and electric convectors

In this article, we will consider what is best to buy: a fan heater or an electric convector, based on the main advantages and disadvantages of each product. Based on these parameters, we will summarize our own conclusion, as well as several recommendations for selecting data types of electric heaters.

The main characteristics of convectors

Most often, such devices are used to create heating in the house and apartment. This is due to the fact that the connection is made directly to the network, which requires the creation of a layout for each product for efficient operation.Convection heaters of various shapes

Convectors are better in that they have a longer service life, do not dry the air and do not drive dust around the room. Everything is quite simple - cold air enters through the openings at the bottom of the heater and flows by gravity through the upper technological lattices.

Scheme of work

Considering the safety of the functioning of the devices, there are no problems. This is due to the high rate of fire and electrical safety. The only obstacle due to which this heating option may not be used is prolonged heating of the room to the optimum temperature (about 2-3 hours). In addition, heaters have a high cost.

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Video presentation of the advantages of a modern convector

The main characteristics of fan heaters

As for fan heaters, their advantage is faster heating of the room. This is due to the fact that the fan “drives” cold air through the heater, as a result of which the incoming stream instantly becomes suitable for heating. Along with this advantage, they also distinguish such as: low energy costs (which means fan heaters are more economical than convectors), low cost and compact size of products.Model of the TEPLOLUX company

The principle of operation of the device

As for the shortcomings, they just lower the demand for these products.

The main ones are:

  • increased noise during operation;
  • when heated, oxygen is burned, which as a result affects the well-being of a person. In addition, based on customer reviews, an intense warm stream of air drives dust around the room, which is felt by an unpleasant odor;
  • If the enclosure tips over, there is a high risk of fire.

It should be noted right away that if you choose a device with a ceramic heating element, the second drawback instantly disappears. In this regard, a ceramic fan heater is better than a convector. The danger of overturning the product can also be prevented by purchasing a model with protection against overheating. All that remains is noise, which, unfortunately, cannot be removed.

Video review of fan heaters

What is better to choose and buy?

So we have provided the main technical characteristics of each of the units.As you can see, the main difference is only in the speed of heating the room, cost and noise during operation.

Comparison of competitive options

If you create a heating system in a small cottage, it is better to opt for fan heaters. We explain this by the fact that a summer cottage is rarely visited. If you arrive in the cold season, you will not have to wait long for the room to fully warm up. In addition, you can close your eyes to the noise from work, because the cost of such heating is several times less.

As for the heating system of a residential building, then, of course, fans alone will not leave the situation. Will need to be implementedinstallation of convectorswhich with prolonged use are a more reasonable solution.

In the end, I would like to note an important nuance. Despite which option you will choose to your liking, the country of manufacture of the heaters is also an important factor. When buying cheap Chinese products, you will be unhappy with both the first and second options. We recommend that you opt for well-known companies such as Electrolux, Ballu, Scarlett, Timberk and Polaris.

We hope that now you know which is better: buy a convector or fan heater for the heating system of the room.

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