Which is better: duralight or LED strip?

Both duralight and LED strip are widely used in lighting design. Both light sources are quite simple to install and at the same time allow you to make an attractive illumination of any object. Nevertheless, there are differences between the products in question and each has its own application features, so it is important to know which is better: duralight or LED strip for the street and ceilings. Further we will try to intelligibly answer this question.

Product Features

Duralight is a monolithic, fairly elastic cord, inside of which LEDs are located at the same distance from each other. Previously, incandescent lamps could be located inside this cord, but due to a number of drawbacks (higher energy consumption, worse light, etc.), this type of design has practically lost its demand in the market of lighting products. Advantages of duralight - it is more flexible, well protected from mechanical damage and weather conditions. Operating temperature is from -40 to + 60 ° С, which is also an advantage of the conductor. The disadvantage is not such a bright glow, and therefore the use of duralight as the main source of lighting is not considered the best option.

Glowing PVC Cord

The LED strip also consists of LEDs, but they are installed on the board, which is why it is possible to bend the device in only one plane. The undoubted advantage of LED strip is the brightness of the glow (quite bright SMD diodes are installed in it). However, in terms of protection against mechanical damage, the usual type of execution does not provide an additional protective layer. Although in the market of lighting products there are moisture-proof, sufficiently strong diode tapes that deprive this type of product of its shortcomings. The operating temperature is on average from -20 to +40 ° C, which is slightly inferior to an alternative light source. Although some led strip manufacturers produce products that are capable of operating in the temperature range from 25 to +60 ° C.

LED strip

So what to choose?

If you want to make hidden ceiling lights or gender, highly recommend you better choose LED strip. It is more preferable for interior lighting of houses and apartments, moreover, it is easier to attach to a prepared base (one of the sides is adhesive).

Highlighting the contours of the room

However, for the street it is preferable to choose a duralight. Firstly, it can work normally at lower temperatures. Secondly, it is flexible, so without any problems it will be possible to make architectural lighting of the house, trees, garden buildings and landscape design elements. Thirdly, the glow is soft and pleasant, thanks to which you can give the desired object beautiful contours, as shown in the photo below:

Home Contour Lighting

Light tree

To let you know, duralight is better to use for advertising purposes (various illuminated signs and street signs), as well as for decorative lighting of building facades. At the same time, LED-tape has worked well for illuminating display windows indoors.

In the end, I would like to summarize which is better: duralight or LED strip. The first option is suitable for the street, the second for the interior. We hope the information provided was useful to you!

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  • Valeriy

    I would still choose an LED strip, since it consumes less voltage and is more practical. Duralight is direct for some kind of campaigns, billboards. And for home, I think the LED strip will do.

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  • Admin

    And what does it mean “consumes less voltage”? There is no difference what the device is powered by - this does not affect the energy consumption, there are also 220V tapes. Duralight is interesting for ease of installation and connection, endurance on the street and practicality. The tape is good in its own way.

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