Choosing an electric heat gun for home and garage

The choice of heat guns can be carried out both for domestic conditions: heating a house, garage, greenhouse, and for construction needs (when it is necessary to dry the room after finishing). In any case, in order to choose the right type of electric heater, it is necessary to determine its power, manufacturer and design features. Next, we will tell readers "my.electricianexp», How to choose an electric heat gun and what parameters you need to pay attention to when buying.


The first thing you should build on is what parameters are suitable for the normal operation of the electric heat gun. The selection should be made according to power and suitable voltage.Powerful construction devices

As for the first characteristic, there are two calculation options. A simpler determination method is that for heating 10 sq.m. premises need at least 1 kW of power. Total, if you have a room 4 * 6 meters (for example, a garage), simple calculations will show that you need to choose the power of an electric heat gun, not less than 3 kW. We defined it as follows: 4 * 6 will be 24 sq.m., taking into account the recommendations that the power reserve should be at least 20%, we have: 2.4 * 1.2 = 2.88 kilowatts. The closest value is 3 kW, which you need to choose for heating the garage.

The second calculation method is more accurate, and we recommend using it when choosing an electric heat gun for the home. In this case, the formula does not take into account the area of ​​the room, but its volume and the coefficient of thermal conductivity of the walls. As a result, the formula has the form:

P = (V * dT * Kt) / 860,


  • V is the volume of the room, calculated as the area multiplied by the ceiling height, m3;
  • dT is the difference in ambient and indoor temperatures;
  • Kt is the thermal conductivity coefficient. For walls with high-quality thermal insulation from 0.6 to 1. Average thermal insulation or brick laying in two rows - from 1 to 2. Single-row brick laying, poor thermal insulation - from 2 to 3. Decreased hangars from profiled sheets or boards - a coefficient of 3 to 4 $
  • 860 - the number of kcal per 1 kW.
Power marking - 9 kW

Power marking - 9 kW

In order for you to understand the whole essence of calculation, again, we will consider it using an example. You decided to choose an electric heat gun for the garage, or rather - to heat the car. The volume of the room is still the same 4 * 6 meters * 3 (ceiling height). The temperature inside the building should be +15aboutS, overboard now -20aboutC. Total, the difference is 35 degrees. The garage is well insulated, so we take the coefficient 1. As a result, the calculation formula will look like: 72 * 35 * 1 = 2520 kcal / hour. To translate a value in kW, you must divide it by 860. The result - 2520/860 = 2.93 kW. Taking into account the stock, it is necessary to choose a heat gun of at least 3.5 kW, which will be quite enough.

Capacity table

Capacity table

Immediately draw your attention to the fact that there is a conditional classification of devices by capacity.It is believed that up to 5 kW are fan heaters, and already over - guns. Overview of domestic fan heaters with reviews of the most popular models we reviewed in the corresponding article!

The second, no less important technical characteristic is the operating voltage. There are electric heaters with a power of over 20 kW, the operation of which, of course, requires a three-phase network of 380 V. You should also consider this moment, and if you decide to choose an electric heat gun for heating a garage or cottage, replace the wiring in the house to a new, more powerful one. Devices with power up to 7 kW can be connected to a single-phase 220 V network, if the cross-section of the wires allows. Best of all, before connecting calculation of cable cross-section by power and currentto ensure that your wiring can handle such current loads.Socket for connection to a network of 380 volts

Well, the last thing you need to pay attention to when choosing a heat gun is the duration of the work. As you know, when heating a room with a gun, it should work without interruption for a long time. That is why device manufacturers indicate the value “24/1” or “24/2” on the case, which accordingly means round-the-clock operation with a break of 1-2 hours.

In addition, in order to choose the right electric heat gun according to its characteristics, pay attention to the noise level of its operation and the range of operating temperatures. Modern devices should work at temperatures no less than +5aboutC to +40aboutWITH.

Video review of heaters for home and construction

Type of premises

The next, no less important criterion for choosing an electric heat gun is depending on the type of room. For example, for a home, you need to buy devices for indirect heating, the design of which includes an exhaust system. This is due to the fact that in a private house there are people and animals that can be negatively affected by exhaust gases. Although this point is not relevant to the electric heater, you should still be aware of the importance of indirect heating. If you want to choose a heat gun for the greenhouse or to heat the machine, it is better not to overpay and buy a simpler design option.Household model of a powerful electric heater

One more important nuance should be noted here - if you want to choose an electric heat gun for temporary heating, buy a portable case. If the heater has to work for a long time in one place, for example, in a country house - choose a stationary type of device that needs to be fixed in a specific place in the room.

Extra options

We figured out which electric heat gun it is better to choose according to power and depending on the type of room. But that is not all you need to know about this issue. When choosing a heater, it is very important to pay attention to the following points:

  1. The equipment must have a temperature controller, at least stepwise. The temperature regulator will allow you to control the efficiency and productivity of the electric heater.
  2. Make sure that the function of automatic shutdown when overheating is always present. If the case accidentally falls, and the heating element begins to overheat, there will be no fire hazard situation, as the thermostat will work.
  3. The metal case is much better than plastic and composite. Firstly, the metal is stronger, and secondly, if the electricity is cut off sharply, a red-hot electric heater will not harm the metal body of the heat gun. At the same time, the plastic may melt and cause a fire.
  4. Cylindrical devices are able to warm the room several times faster, because their heating element is a spiral. This option is more suitable for garage electric heatingif you need to quickly warm up the car in the morning.Cylindrical housing
  5. The choice of rectangular rectangular electric heat guns is more rational for heating a private house and cottage, which is connected with the type of heating element inside - a grid one that does not dry the air and is less dangerous in terms of spontaneous combustion.Rectangular shape
  6. Before buying, check if there is a service center of the selected manufacturer in your city, as in the event of failure, repairs can be costly. It should immediately be noted that it is better for the company to choose an electric heat gun from manufacturers such as Ballu, Master, TEPLOMASH, Veab and Dantex.
  7. Few people know, but a single-stamped impeller creates the most powerful airflow. If you need a good electric heater for a construction site, for example, for installing a stretch ceiling, we recommend choosing a device with such a fan!

We also recommend viewing the model from the popular company Aurora, which provided the characteristics of the device in a video example:

Good option for a small garage.

That's all I wanted to tell you about how to choose the right electric heat gun for home, cottage and garage. We hope that the information was interesting to you, and most importantly - useful!

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