3 effective ways to save on lighting

The topic of saving money on electricity and in particular on lighting is quite relevant today. The Internet is teeming with various energy saversHowever, in reality, it is not possible to save money, only the costs. It should be noted that methods of saving on the rational use of light are based on the short and long term. The first option is more preferable, because implies simple actions that allow you to pay less for light. In the long run, the principle is completely different - at first you spend considerable money on the purchase of the “right” equipment, and then save for years, or even decades. In this article, we will consider the most appropriate ways to save on lighting an apartment, a house, and even a street.

Buying LED Lights

Of course, the most effective way to save money on lighting is to buy LED bulbs and replace old incandescent bulbs with LEDs. We all know about the extremely low efficiency of incandescent lamps, which reaches at best 7% (an average of 4-5%). Also, old bulbs have a short life, which is an average of 1000 hours. In the end, what do we have? When buying cheap lamps, they often have to be changed, and from a 100-watt light bulb, about 5 W is spent on lighting, everything else is spent on heat generation.

At the same time, the efficiency of LED lamps reaches 90%, the service life is tens of times longer, and the power of the LEDs themselves used in everyday life is 10-20 watts. Of course, a significant drawback of LED lamps is their high cost. If an ordinary light bulb costs about 20 (60 W), then you will have to pay about 200 for an LED. However, spending once money on the purchase of LEDs can save on lighting for many years. In addition, there is a guarantee for LED bulbs, and even if they fail, you can go and exchange them for new ones for free.

The advantages of LED bulbs

Important! You can save light through the use of LEDs only if you choose good manufacturer of led bulbs. Cheap Chinese LEDs quickly degrade, burn out and do not meet the declared characteristics. Therefore, in order not to be upset, it is better to approach the choice of LED products correctly. About, how to choose led lamps for home, we told in a separate article.

Installation of automation

You can save light on the street by installing motion sensors and a photo relay in the right places. In addition, savings can be achieved through the installation and proper configuration of the pulse relay, as well as the use of remote controls and walk-through switches. We will talk about everything briefly.

The motion sensor is installed in those places where the lamps should light up. What is it for? Using street lighting as an example, consider a simple situation - porch lighting.So that at night there is simply no energy spent on the work of the spotlight, you can connect a motion sensor to it, as a result of which the light will light up only when movement is detected (when you go out onto the porch). The rest of the time, the spotlight will be turned off. Savings even after the first month will be palpable. The only drawback is that you need to assemble a circuit in which the motion sensor will not turn on during the day, otherwise the efficiency of saving will be extremely low, if at all.

Ceiling Sensor

A photorelay or, as it is also called - a twilight switch, is needed so that the light turns on only in the dark. On an example of a situation, it looks like this: when darkness falls, the lamp turns on, in the early morning the light automatically turns off. It’s also a good option, especially for those who wake up late and turn off the lights on the street manually when it has been uselessly illuminating the territory for several hours. Using a properly configured photo relay, you can save light well, not only in a private house, but also in enterprises where there is a large open area that needs lighting. The disadvantage of installing only a photo relay is that the light will be on all night, and in everyday conditions this is also not the best option.

Photo relay on the street

Photorelay + motion sensor. Here is such a bunch will allow the most efficient saving on lighting. If you correctly assemble the circuit, the light will turn on only in the dark and only when there is movement in the area of ​​the motion sensor. The main thing, again, is to configure everything correctly and choose the appropriate device location.

Searchlight connection diagram

Impulse relays, pass-through and cross-circuit breakers. With this scheme, you can control the lighting from several places. For example, when approaching a staircase, you can turn on its lighting on the first floor, and turn it off on the second. Or turn on the lighting for a short time, using a timer. Using relays and special switches, you can save on lighting in homes and apartments. The disadvantage is the difficulty of self-assembly (you need to understand the connection diagram and be able to assemble it), as well as the high cost of the devices.

Use of natural light

To use artificial light as little as possible and maximize the use of natural light, you need to use the following tips:

  1. The workplace should be located near the windows.
  2. Do not forget to wash the windows, dust on the glass can hold up to 50% of the light, as a result of which you have to turn on the ceiling and wall lights.
  3. Outside the window, nothing should impede the passage of light. Even a sawn dry branch can be a very effective measure of daylight use.

There is such an idea as the Philippine lanterns. It is appropriate for those who want to save on lighting in the garage. The point is that part of the transparent plastic bottle is mounted on the roof and the light enters the garage through this hole. Such an idea is suitable for residents of sunny regions, who strongly decided to reduce their light bills by any means.

Philippine Roof Lantern

That is where we end our article. More ideas for saving energy are provided in a separate article:https://my.electricianexp.com/en/ekonomim-na-elektroenergii-v-2015-godu-9-legalnyx-sposobov-dlya-doma.html. It is worth noting that there are less effective methods that allow you to pay less for light, for example, using the information poster "Leaving, turn off the light!". Such a measure is more suitable for enterprises and offices, but nevertheless, as practice shows, the methods listed by us are more effective and rational!

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