12 ideas for beautiful terrace lighting

A country house is almost impossible to imagine without a terrace. This is a favorite place for the whole family in the warm season, because it is so nice to have a festive dinner outdoors, invite guests, play board games or just read an interesting book alone. In order to make the atmosphere of this place truly unique, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with tips on how to make beautiful lighting on the terrace of the house and in the country.

The correct light on the open veranda depends on many factors: the choice of lamps, shades, the good location of the lamps and the presence of moisture protection. We have prepared for you 12 useful tips on how to organize the lighting of the terrace best:

  1. Be sure to follow the bright lighting of the stairs at the entrance to the terrace attached to the house. You can install led strip on the railing or even on the steps. A more classic option would be the purchase of wall and floor lamps.
  2. There should be several sources of lighting for the stairs, since the steps will cast a shadow, which will complicate the perception of the size of each step and can lead to injuries. It is best to place the lights on two sides of the stairs.
  3. The design and choice of lighting depends on what style you decide to make a terrace. You can get beautiful photo ideas for inspiration from this small gallery:


  4. If you have a spacious extension, you can choose a beautiful chandelier for lighting. For more modest dimensions, wall sconces are suitable, which is appropriate to buy in the amount of two pieces and install on both sides of the front door.
  5. A popular terrace solution in 2017 is installation of spotlights, which can either be an almost imperceptible source of light, or become a bright accent in the interior.
  6. Open verandas will always be affected by weather conditions. In order for heavy rain not to disable electrical appliances, it is necessary to take care of their protection.Outdoor fireplace
  7. It is necessary to organize lighting so that it is completely safe for children and animals. Wires and structural parts must be hidden and well protected. For this reason, experts advise using LED lamps for the terrace, as they do not heat up and are safer.
  8. An equally good idea would be to install an LED strip to illuminate the terrace. Hidden ceiling lighting looks quite attractive and original, as can be seen in the photo:LED Ceiling Lights
  9. On the terrace, which is not an extension to a private house, you can make lighting using four floor lamps, placed in the corners. This is especially true if such an open veranda has only a canopy instead of a roof or no roof at all.Nice option for an extension
  10. Beautiful illumination of plants and interior elements can be obtained thanks to halogen lamps. Such a white sparkling light is suitable if the terrace is decorated in a modern style.
  11. It is believed that the yellow shade of the lamp at a certain distance is not visible to insects. We cannot be fully responsible for these words and assure you of the absence of mosquitoes while following this recommendation, but why not give it a try? Moreover, the yellow dim light is very pleasant for a person and will give comfort to the veranda.
  12. For a wide variety of cases, we advise you to purchase a portable LED lamp. Such a light source must be waterproof and remotely controlled. An indispensable appliance is useful on the terrace in bad weather and for any events.LED lamp

That's all the ideas on how to make the lighting of the terrace attached to the house. Well-selected fixtures and their correct location can not only create comfort in the territory of the open veranda, but also hide the flaws, make the movement safe and profitably emphasize the exquisite design of the whole house or cottage!

Finally, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the video recommendations for lighting the terrace of a private house:

Choosing lights for the terrace

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