10 advantages of electronic ballasts

Previously, a combination of elements such as fluorescent lights was used. throttlestarter and capacitor. Now replaced by more reliable devices - electronic ballasts (further electronic ballasts), which are an electronic unit located on the board. The design of the ballast is much more complicated, it includes bipolar transistors, a transformer, capacitors and other elements. In this article we will tell the readers of the site Elecroexpert about the advantages of electronic ballasts over EMR for fluorescent lamps.

Elements of inclusion of a bulb

So, we provide the advantages of electronic ballasts:

  1. The lamp is turned on for a short period of time - no more than 1 second.
  2. The frequency of the electronic ballasts is 40-50 thousand Hertz, due to which there is no flickering effect (in the electronic ballasts, the frequency is 50 Hz, which wears vision).
  3. The service life of fluorescent lamps when working with electronic ballasts increases by 2 times (if the lamp is of high quality, maybe more).
  4. If the energy-saving light bulb operating through the EMR burns out, the current will still flow to the electrodes. At the same time, ballast blocks the supply of electricity, which has a positive effect on energy savings and safety.
  5. The undoubted advantage of electronic ballasts over an outdated analogue is the possibility of a warm start of the lamp, due to which preliminary heating of the lamp spirals takes place in a split second before starting. This in turn increases the lamp life.
  6. The absence of noise at work, while EMPR are buzzing, which can interfere with work or rest.
  7. A clear wiring diagram, which is depicted by the manufacturer on the ballast housing. A definite advantage, especially for inexperienced electricians.
  8. Electronic ballasts are less heated, which also saves energy.
  9. Higher efficiency - power reaches 0.95.
  10. Lighting during the work of lamps with electronic ballasts is very close to natural.

The video below illustrates the advantages of electronic ballasts:

What is better electronic ballasts?

This we examined the advantages of electronic ballasts, compared with electromagnetic ballasts. As for the shortcomings, there are 2 of them: high cost and failure during power surges, if the products are cheap. Otherwise, modern devices are much better than their predecessors and if you want make home lightingWhen using energy-saving light bulbs, be sure to buy those in which electronic ballast is installed. Now you know about the main advantages of electronic ballasts over EMR. If you liked the information, please share it on the social network by clicking on the appropriate icon under the article!

What is better electronic ballasts?

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